I’ve been horribly remiss on posting the last few months aside from Promo stuff. Very sorry! Life has taken some unexpected directions and something always has to pay. Ugh. At times we don’t get to choose what, however…

Anyway, I’d been thinking about this topic for months since my writer’s group had a party over the summer and now I will finally share it with you — The Goober Factor.

What is the Goober Factor, you ask? Well, first you have to look at the word Goober. According to Wikipedia, it is a derogatory word from contemporary American English similar in meaning to idiot or “scatterbrain”. (On a side note, it was actually a little fascinating to find out it is also a slang term in Australian for things I cannot mention here…) In my own definition, I take it a little farther than that. It is a state where one is foolish, silly, leaning toward fun stuff. Like the shedding of the normal serious skin.

The Goober Factor then is a hidden strain which sleeps in all of us, with it being buried deeper in some more than others, which when combined with the right person or people, activates to the amazement of others and themselves. Those of normally serious or shy persuasion will suddenly become totally less so. These usually reserved individuals will be seen cracking jokes, laughing like loons, and generally adding to the silliness perpetrated at the scene.

Like calls to like. So the secret ingredient for the Goober Factor to activate is an active Goober. Active Goobers will cause the Goober Factor to resonate when in proximity to those they are compatible with. The resonance increases the longer the subject is exposed to the tuned Goober until synchronized Goobering ensues, leading to tons of silliness, laughter, and fun.

With the right synchronization, people you would never have suspected of being capable of silliness or open mirth will be laughing, poking fun, and basically be not be their usual selves.

You should keep track of any resonance you encounter, and keep track of what Goobers set off whose Goober Factor. Then try to get those people together as often as possible so a fun time can be had by all.

The Factor is out there~! Beware! (And milk it for all it’s worth! You won’t be sorry!) πŸ˜›

Gloria Oliver
Unveiling the Fantastic