Yes! It’s time for a Top 6 List!

6. Notes – Awesome feature! Allows me to jot down things impromptu and actually have a chance of finding the info again when I need it.

5. Weather Channel App – Now I can be preprepared about how bloody hot it is going to be in Texas each day and make sure I am exposed to it as little as possible so my blood doesn’t boil out of my body!

4. Evernote App – YES! Finally a list of all my CD’s at hand so hubby doesn’t keep buying the same ones over and over again! Heh heh

3. Bank of America App – Even mired to a hospital bed, I was able to pay bills and keep our finances moving. Totally awesome!

2. Texting! (I am so a convert now!) This was incredibly useful to keep the gaggle of family informed on my latest complications at the hospital without having to call each one individually. Huzzah! Love even more that you can send these texts to phones and email addresses. Oh yeah. Got my Mom sold on it. She got text added to her phone. Bwahahahaha!

1. It’s a Phone! Yes, so very very useful at the hospital. Since I had tons of tubes and wires plugged into me, going to the girl’s room was a major production. But John would be so tired that calling out to him didn’t always wake him up to come help me out. So I’d call him on the phone. Worked like a champ. The best 5 feet service ever! Heh heh.

P.S. Yes, yes, I am somewhat behind on the tech curve, but only because I know how addicted I will become. Once you make certain upgrades, you can never go back. πŸ˜›
P.S.S. Yeah, I added another one. As usual, when I do a list, I think of things I should have included after the fact! Doh!