More fun stuff I’ve run across to share with you this week. Enjoy!

Book Releases

From @ChuckWendig – Where he celebrates the Release of IRREGULAR CREATURES – giving info, a sales pitch and GUILT! Bwahahahaha! (Potentially not safe for work!)

From @rclementmoore – Paperback Release of Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore.


Shared by @rclementmoore – A ton of free books up for grabs at YA Outside the Lines

Shared by @inkyelbows – Literary Manuscript Agent Contest!

From @NovelNoviceBig CONTEST! EPIC Prizes but you’ll have to work for them. πŸ˜›

From @Suzanne_McLeodBook Giveaways starting with The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

From @ElanaJ – Celebrating the launch of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE


Shared by @AKon_ConventionAA has discounts for peeps buying airline tickets to come to A-kon! How cool is that?!

Fan Fun

Shared by @torbooksHan Solo in carbonite in Firefly episodes! Yes, see if you too can spot the elusive Han Solo! (A lot like Pineapples in Psych! Heh)


Shared by @ChuckWendigMINECRAFT an addictive little game! (Family has been playing it for several weeks. Fun time sink!)


From @examinercomYoung Justice – new superhero fodder on Cartoon Network (Saw the premier in late 2010 and this was fun!)

Personal Help

From Kathy SullivanLoners and lonely – what’s the difference? And what does it mean to you?


Shared by @ChuckWendigBees are dying – And we may know exactly why. (Mind boggling that they can get away with this stuff…)

Shared by @mdbenoit2Sonic Black Hole ho! Interesting article on how they hope to study Hawkins particles

Weird & Creepy

From @examinercomDead birds in the thousands fall from the sky in Italy (I believe since then there’s been even more flocks of birds dying all over the place. Eek)

Writing Advice

From @KristenLambTXWriting Productivity – how to get it!

Shared by @ixtumeaNegativity can keep you from success. And not necessarily from where or what you’d normally expect.

Shared by @ChuckWendigJM Tohline presents a list and explanations for the biggest mistakes writers make when querying literary agents (these come straight from agents too!)

Shared by @sfwaPractical bits of useful info for young and old writers.

From @ChuckWendigMajor Reality Check!Why you might not get published (NSFW)

Shared by @KristenLambTX – (NSFW) Editing the Chore, the Challenge, the Misconceptions!

Shared by @KristenLambTX – Discussion on whether or not Cold Queries work

Shared by @inkyelbows – Giving Characters Character! Make them Pop off the page

That’s it for this week. If you found some way cool stuff you’d like to share, tack it on in the comments!