Been a super busy week! But got some nice pics.

First up is Selina Rosen. Too adorable with the baby with a superman cape. 🙂

IMG 0165
Aren’t they cute…!

This picture link it to an utterly amazing photo. A one in a million shot of a perfectly round droplet about to hit more water. Gorgeous!
Shared by @petapixeldrop

From @ChuckWendigThe Mystery! (I love the purples and the shine! A very odd yet beautiful picture!)

IMG 0151 This one I loved how the sun was nestled in the clouds. (Thought I was going to go blind taking it! lol. Couldn’t see right for a while.)

Shared by @ChuckWendigBack to the Future – Irina Werning is recreating pictures with the same subjects years later. It’s really fascinating. And a little weird. 🙂

Another of my sunsets. With spring coming, I won’t be able to get many more of these.
IMG 0154

From @ChuckWendigAngry Birds – and yeah he looks way mad!

And I’ll leave with a tranquil scene this week. 🙂 Enjoy!

IMG 0171
Have an awesome week, ya’ll!