Sickness and whatnot made me a slacker, but hope to make up for it this week! Let’s see what goodies I can share with you.

Fan Fun

Dr Horrible has passed on the word that his blog will now be a book! ScifiMania has an article/review about it.

Social Media/Author Platforms

Kristen Lamb talk Twitter and how not to be a Tool!

Another zinger from Kristen Lamb on how to write blogs. Basically how to do it and remain sane. But even more so, the difference style/tone for blogs compared to our other writing!

Writing Advice

Kristen Lamb shares tips about dieting and exercising and actually makes them tie back to writing and author platforms! I kid you not! lol. So here is Opportunity Comes in Overalls.

The guys at YAFantasyGuide share a list of agents interested in the Fantasy genre.

Jenny Hansen has a great post on How To Build Your Writing Team. Some great advice and also lots of links to other info. You might be on this one a while. 😛

Rachel Gardner has a great post on Publishing Myths. Some great truths in here, ya’ll!

On the same vein I present Chuck Wendig’s post called Lies Writer’s Tell. More myth busting goodness!

And Candace Havens talks to us writer types about Desperation. It’s all about the attitude!