Another busy week and tons of links to share!

Fan Fun

Candace Havens shared a new trailer for the Movie Priest. Looks totally AWESOME! Can’t wait!

NCIS_CBS shared some casting news. Kerr Smith is joining the hunt for the Port-to-Port Killer. (Kerr Smith rocks! This should be FUN!)

Twaitter shared a link to an article about First Light Wave Quantum Teleportation being achieved. This will open up the way for ultra fast data transmissions. Mind boggling and totally rad!

FansofMovies shared a link to Rise of the Planet of the Apes! A story about how it all began. Looks good!

Also from FansofMovies come a link to the second trailer for Cowboys vs Aliens. I am so very much looking forward to this one! Woohoo!

ATATforAmerica got talked about in an article by Alexandra Petri titled – AT-AT for America: President Obama and all patriots, it’s Time. The movement is crazy and yet fun at the same time. 😛


Some sad news linked by SoonerCon. Tokyopop, one of the major manga translation groups is closing its doors in May 2011. As a super manga junkie, this is going to hurt.

Social Media/Author Platforms

Kristen Lamb talks about busting the Myth! Yes, Writers Can Make Time For Social Media.
I have to spend hours on Twitter and Facebook to be effective.
Um…that would be a negative. Total myth. In fact, if we do? An angry clown will jump out of our computer and bite off our face. Kidding! Though that would be cool. No, the angry clown is a total lie. But, it is likely people will unfollow us because we never shut up.”

For Twitter Tuesday, Kristen Lamb talks to us about How Hashtags Need to Be Used Responsibly.
“If our goal is to build an author platform in the thousands to tens of thousands, then we will have to approach Twitter differently than a faceless corporation or even the regular person who does not possess a goal of becoming a brand. This blog will help you rule the Twitterverse without devolving into a spam bot.”

The Book Marketing Floozy listed a ton of links at her site. Now I just have to find the time to go click on them all~! DOH! (Go right on ahead and don’t wait on me, or you’ll be waiting a while. :P)

Professor Clay Morgan shows us How To Create Opportunities. (Really neat story!)

Does Likability Matter? Kristen Lamb explores this as she recounts her recent experience in LA at Romantic Times.

Writing Advice

KristenLamb asks: Want to write a novel that will grab an agent’s attention? Grab a reader’s love? Let’s Talk Structure.
Want a way to stand out from all the other writers clamoring to get an agent’s attention? Want to be a best-selling author with stories that endure the tests of time? Learn all you can about the craft, particularly novel structure. Structure is one of those boring topics like finance or taxes. It isn’t nearly as glamorous as creating characters or reading about ways to unleash our creative energy.

Tawna Fenske waxes on Hope, Bad Advice, and Positions that Cramp Your Thighs. Good stuff to keep in mind. Remember why you’re doing this stuff!

Pimp My Novel gives a lot of common sense advice and truths as well! Schedule, Schedule, Schedule.
“If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, mes auteurs, then you’re familiar with my opinion that, even beyond talent and luck, a writer needs discipline in order to succeed. John Gardner once wrote: “Most of the people I’ve known who wanted to become writers, knowing what it meant, did become writers” (bold emphasis mine). So: what does it mean to be a writer?”

Chuck Wendig gives us Six Signs You’re Not Ready To Be A Professional Writer.

Amy Shojai does a comparison between veterinary medicine and publishing. Pretty cool comparison really.

Aha! That should keep you busy for a bit. I will destroy brain matter yet! Bwahahahaha!