Got several good ones this past week despite the allergies being on a warpath. 😛

IMG 0289

Signs of gathering possible rainfall. We’d had none for so long!  And even with the threatening weather it almost didn’t happen!

IMG 0290

My second photosynth photo. Tried to make it more square than the first one, but not sure it made it. Really should try to read some instructions on this. Still, you can see the weather moving into the area. 🙂

IMG 0291

 The sun was doing a weird looking effect with the clouds so I had to take a pic.

IMG 0292

Different angle.

IMG 0293

Cool lamp we found at Taco Cabana in Addison. Should have done a close up of the star lamps hanging inside. 😛

IMG 0294

Serenity is growing, and growing, and growing. She totally adores the stuffed animals John’s given me over the years for Valentine’s Day. It’s totally amusing.

IMG 0295

 Ah! This beauty – The United Cloud States of America.  Looks like the North American Continent! Hee!

Have an awesome rest of the week!