Got a brain full to sift through this week. Here we go!

FanFun gives us our first look at the new Snow White movie. Looks neat! (Wish the pics weren’t on that slideshow thingie, I’d give you a preview!)

Passion: More Than Just a Fruit – Tanya Huff’s take on authors and fans. (If you’ve never read any of her fantasy, urban fantasy, or SF – GO! NOW! She’s awesome!)

Bioware Pulse episode 44 – Dragonage and Felicia Day – insider info on how they made her and elf for the game. Cute!

Artist Gavin J Rothery has a very cool take on Blade Runner – Deckhart’s humanity and where he might have gotten it. Too cool! (I’d never contemplated this angle!) (Ooo! Looked over his blog site. He worked on the movie Moon! Sweet!)

Chadbourne shared this neat article from BBC News about an Aboriginal Stonehenge in Australia called Wurdi Youang.

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Arthur Christmas Trailer 3!  Aha! Finally get to know what it’s about. Should be awesome!!!

From Den of Geek – Stephen Moffat on the future of Dr Who. Oh what a tease!

From Total Film – Theater Etiqutte Muppet Style. Heh heh heh.

Marcia Richards shares info on A Very Haunted Prison. Nice creepy info and place! shared a trailer for the Raven starring John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. Looks good!

Gene Lempp did a guest post over at EduClaytion called Agents of the Squirrel Nations. I don’t think I will ever look at Gene the same way again! (The three different squirrel videos are a hoot!) Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Marvel has released a trailer for The Avengers!  Woot!  Looks fun!

Cute post by John Scalzi on Things Science Fiction Has Ruined For Me. (“Khaaan!”) And Shatner did use his phone as a communicator in an episode of Boston Legal. Hee hee!

Gene Lempp takes us on a trip to discover our Theatrical Roots. Fascinating to see how plays and terms changed over time in Greece alone.

From Q&A with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovik on the ‘Apocalypse’ tour.


From BBC News – Black Death Genetic Code ‘Built’ by Matt McGrath. Interesting findings on this.


Tahlia Newland shares The Art of Tweeting – What Catches Your Eye?  Nice look into what makes a tweet interesting to catch a reader’s interest.

From Jody Hedlund – The Purpose of Blogging for Fiction Writers. Some nice insights.

Thought provoking post by Alexis Grant – How Important Are Comments on Your Blog?

From Kristen Lamb Meet the Salesman –  Every Deal Needs a Closer


Structure Part 2 – Plot Problems – Falcor the Luck Dragon and The Purple Tornado. (Sounds like a good mixed drink. :P)

Uhm, I think I petered out there at the end. Ugh. Somehow time for away from me. Hopefully I’ll do better next week! Have a good one, ya’ll!