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Flight of the Konkordski – Russia’s TU-144 and the deep mystery/conspiracy surrounding the disaster. Post by Holmes.

first concorde flight with raf red arrows
image from concordesst.com

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol featurette from Total Film.Β  Tom really did do all the stuff off the building in Dubai. Dang!

Two clips from the forthcoming Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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From Total Film, first official images of Tim Burton’s remake of Tim Burton’s Frankenwennie.

first official images of frankenweenie posted online 70688 00 470 75

The Myth of the Pumpkin by Donna Newton. Some cool pumpkin photos. The birthing one is just amazing. lol.

Over at the YA Authors You’ve Never Heard of Blog, Kim Baccellia shares some Urban Legends. Including The Weeping Lady, The Blue Lady, and the Chupacabra.

From TL Jeffcoat – Weapons Weekly: The Kusarigama of the Ninja.Β  Has a cool little video showing it’s us in action if you’ve never seen one.Β  πŸ™‚

Dr Who – “The Ballad of Russell and Julie” Wrap Party Special.Β  This is a hoot! With Davids Tenant, Katherine Tate, and John Barrowman doing a tribute to Russel T Davies and Julie Gardner. ROFL!Β  (Video removed as it’s gone from Youtube 8/24/22)

Designing from Bones by Gene Lempp – Zoo Arcane – Evil Little People.EVIL! Eeeeevvvvviiiillll little people! (So don’t be messing with me, bub!) πŸ˜›

Examiner.com has a cast picture of the “Hunger Games” as well as cast reactions.


Festival of Late Bloomers (as in writers) Day 2: Fairy Tale Tuesday by Debra Eve. Cool article on Charles Perrault author of Tales From Mother Goose!

Book Trailer for Rachel Caine’s latest in her Morganville Vampire series – Last Breath. (If only mine could be this cool! Waaaaahhhhh!)


Social Media 101: Klout by Grmln (Twaitter) – Nice quick article telling what it’s about. Weirdly enough I signed up on it last week after it was mentioned on a blog last week. I must have been a good girl because it started out at 36 and is now at 46. It’s weird stuff.

Billie Joe Woods explores the question What if I don’t Have a Book Trailer? (I can’t say whether they do anything or not, but I have one for each of my books now! Bwahahahaha!)

How To Win the Hearts of Bloggers – Scoring the Book Review, Guest Post, or Interview by Kristen Lamb.

The Life Cycle of a Blogger – 10 Stages by Roni Loren. Lol. Worth it just for the insane pics alone! Hee!


The Inkslinger’s Invocation: The Writer’s Prayer II by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Booyah!

Scarier than Halloween – Bad Clauses in Publishing Contracts blog post by Agent Kristin.

Guest post by Barbara Baig on How Deliberate Practice Can Make You An Excellent Writer.

From John M Cussick – Ten Surefire Ways to Turn Off a Prospective Agent. Yeah, DOH!

25 Things You Should Know About Writing Advice from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig.

Kristen Lamb – Keeping Focused and Nailing the Pitch – Understand Your Seed Idea. Kristen uses the word log line to also equal pitch. But to me they’re something else altogether? I’m probably wrong though! Heh.

A MUST READ!Β  Writing Ain’t Easy by Rachelle Gardner. (Why I was just having this mental conversation with myself the other day! lol.) Just good stuff to know. πŸ™‚

Okay, ya’ll if this doesn’t keep you busy for a bit, nothing will! Heh heh. Enjoy!