Hey all!
Actually have some of my own pics and some fabulous stuff I ran into through the week for ya. Feast your eyes!

IMG 0594

Some sunrise shots.

IMG 0595

IMG 0596

Long flat stretch of road to Wichita Falls. Some truly gorgeous cloud cover that day.

IMG 0600

Next two were an attempt to catch a rainbow like reflection on a cloud. It’s middle bottom of the pic.

IMG 0602

 This one is a closer view that my daughter took. I was having issues with kicking in the magnification but she got hers working. Unfortunately the colors don’t quite show.

IMG 0604

Here’s an Enchanting Firefly Forest. Several gorgeous pics from B for Bel.


From Ellen Datlow – Silhouette of Tree.

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How to Take Beautiful Bokeh Christmas Images (With 31 Stunning Examples) from the Digital Photography School.

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Eerie Hidden Mothers in Vintage Photos from PetaPixel. (Yeah…creepy…)

hm1 mini

Infrared image of the Dragonfish Nebula from NASA.

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Apollo 17 Extravehicular Activity 39 Years Ago from NASA. That is one big chunk of rock!

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Halloween Dog Parade 2011 from Behance Network. I really liked this one. He looks so regal. 🙂


Paranoid  – art on the Behance Network.


See you next time!