Hope you guys had an awesome holiday! A brand New Year is just around the corner.


GI Joe 2: Retaliation Trailer. Booyah!  Looks like they may have fixed Snake Eye’s mask. YAY!

This preview was too bizarre not to share – The Dictator.

From EW a new trailer for Rock Of Ages. This looks like it might be a hoot. Nostalgia with a twist? Heh.

Original Offering Found Inside Pyramid of the Sun (Mexico) from the History Blog.

Pyramid of the Sun

Krampus – The God of Winter Death – blog post from T F Walsh from the Mythical Creature Series. Almost like an Evil Claus! Hope he didn’t visit ya’ll this past weekend. Heh heh.

From Mashable.com 20,000 Christmas Bulbs Bring Angry Birds to Life! Beyond cute. Now this is paying real homage! lol

This Week @ NASA. Cool 8 minutes NASA news recap video. Nice!

Interesting blog post by Nathan Bransford – How Art Changes With Us. Quite true!

Ooo! A Full Metal Alchemist movie to be released in theaters – The Sacred Star of Milos.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer 2 – BANE!!!! Looks good!

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer. YES!  This is going to ROCK~!

From Mary Jo Gibson – Museum Monday – Wadsworth Antheneum. Cool looking museum! Even has a Colt exhibit! Sucker below looks very steampunkish! Heh heh.


It was like MAD TRAILER WEEK!  Here’s one for The Hobbit.  (I know where all my money is going next year – movies! Wheee!)

From Wired – The 20 Best Video games of 2011. Man, I am sooooo behind! Dues Ex was totally the bomb, yo!

Trailer for Prometheus (A field of Eggs??? Alien containers? OOOOO!)

My brother sent me the link for this – Jedi Ninjas. What fun!

Gene Lempp’s Designing From Bones – Festival of Humanity. PARTY TIME!


From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig comes 25 Ways For Writers To Help Other Writers. Hallelujah Brother! Tell it, Mr. Beard!

I Play Well With (Blog With) Others – Hosting A Guest Blogger by K S Elliot Shark. Wonderful advice and process.

21st Century Publishing Builds On A Healthy Radical Tradition by William Skidelsky. Some really out of the box thinking.

Author Blogging 101: Blog Analytics by Joel Friedlander. Nice post on Google Analytics and why you might want the info.


Tell Me About It – When Telling Is Better Than Showing by Janice Hardy. Great post!!!

Rachelle Gardner gives us the definition for The Intersection of Literary and Commercial.


Anthology Scams: Authors Beware by Carolyn Howard Johnson.

Okay, time’s up! See you next time.