IMG 0630
A funky plant at work. Such symmetry. Almost like those fractal pictures computers generate. 

IMG 0631
Ah the colors I see never do come through. Waaahhh!

IMG 0632
I realized that while I’ve taken pics of the conveyor belt at Sushi Envy, I never did take pics of the food! So since we only go there every long while, I made sure to take pics this time. YUM.

IMG 0633
My super favorite here – unagi, crab, and sweet sushi rice. Mmmmm

IMG 0635
I can’t eat these, but they look so pretty!

IMG 0636
Avocado and spicy tuna and crab.

IMG 0637
Egg sushi.

IMG 0639
I believe this was a Philadelphia Roll. 

IMG 0640
This octopus sushi was actually quite good! The pickled items with it made it delicious!

IMG 0641
Sweet seaweed. Forgot to take the pic until I’d eaten half of it. Doh!

IMG 0642
Friend gyoza. Yummy!

IMG 0643

IMG 0644
Lobster salad sushi I believe. (Son-in-Law picked out all sorts of things!)

IMG 0645
One of the rolls with shrimp. (Can’t eat that. Waaaahhh cause it looked good!)
John Picacio art – No Going Back. He rocks!
From NASA – High Def pic of the Earth – Blue Marble 2012. Looks awesome!
cardboard5 mini
Portraits of Ladies in Cardboard Dresses by Christian Tagliavini. lol. 
That’s it for this week. Enjoy!