This weekend I’m out at ConDFW so no movie review. πŸ™ Instead, I’ll post what I’ll be doing at the con! Heh heh.


Panel Room 3 – Canterbury
6pm – Creating the Scene: How to Set the Stage in a Play

Panelists: David Gray (M), Gloria Oliver, Anthony Brownrigg, Ethan Nahte, Julie Barrett, Sue Sinor

Continuing our series on playwriting, this panel is all about the scene.  There are many ways of setting the scene, from broody Narration to artful dialogue between the characters.  However, these tools can often be misused – the bad movies of Coleman Francis come to mind where the narrator would narrate a phone call that was happening on screen, rather than listening to the phone call itself!  Our expert playwrights seek to help clarify things, both on and off the stage.

Panel Room 3 – Canterbury
9pm – Yard Dog Press Road Show

Panelists: Selina Rosen, Ethan Nahte, Julia Mandala, Linda Donahue, Chris Donahue, Lou Antonelli, Melanie Fletcher, Bev Hale, William Ledbetter, Gloria Oliver, K. Hutson, Dusty Rainbolt, Rie Sheridan Rose, Frank Summers, Kathy Turski, Mel White

The fantastic authors of the Yard Dog Press put on their always entertaining Road Show!  Make sure not to miss this.


Panel Room 4 – Churchill
10am – The Aftermath of Harry Potter’s Legacy

Panelists: Aelle Ables (M), Bev Hale, Gloria Oliver, Katherine Kimbriel, Selina Rosen

Now that Harry Potter is officially over (or at least until the inevitable spinoffs happen), it’s time to deconstruct a literal decade.  What is the legacy of Harry Potter?  How has this series of 7 books and 8 movies impacted the Fantasy genre, the Young Adult genre and the rise of Urban Fantasy?  We gather together to mourn the passing of Dumbledore and celebrate the death of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named for the last time.  (Maybe.)


12 pm – Gloria Oliver, Kathy Turski, Lee Martindale

Panel Room 1 – Warwick
2pm – Arming Tribbles – How to Arm Primitives Realistically

Panelists: William Ledbetter, Bill Fawcett (M), Mel White, Teresa Patterson, Gloria Oliver
In more and more books in the science fiction/alternate history genre, technologically superior humans encounter primitive aliens.  What do they do with them?  If they’re “good guys”, they invariably bring out the big guns, teach the aliens how to make flintlocks or cannons, and thus the “primitive” society is kicked screaming into the Gunpowder Age.  Is this right?  Ethical?  Our panelists discuss this and exactly what primitive societies could theoretically make in each era…if helped.


Panel Room 1 – Warwick
2pm – Apocalypse Later?  What will be Our Doom?

Panelists: Cherie Priest, Larry Atchley Jr., Linda Donahue (M), Selina Rosen, Gloria Oliver

With all the talk of Apocalypse this year (and the past few days), one thing hasn’t been covered.  What do our panelists think WILL destroy the world?  Let conspiracies abound, and if the government is watching I was never here.

Should be a fun time! Hope to see you there!