Mind Sieve 3/26/12


Petapixel put up two videos by PES where they use stop motion to turn random objects into food. Too cute!
Making a Tintype – How Civil War-Era Tintype Photographs Were Made shared by Petapixel. This was a long process. Dang!
115 Reasons Why We Love Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Joanna Robinson (Celebrating BTVS 15th Anniversary. Dang!)
The newest Simon’s Cat. Hee hee!
Video Game Mashup – Chuck Norris vs Angry Birds. ROFL
Designing From Bones – The Map Of The Creator. Hah, what fun! 

What’s An Author-Agent Agreement? from Rachelle Gardner. Nice bit of info!

25 Things You Should Know About Creativity from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Yes, creativity is more than about writing! There is even creativity in accounting! Booyah!

Interesting post from Jami Gold – Who Cares About Quality Writing Anymore? I do! I do! *holds hand up*

After last week’s flood, this one seems a little on the lame side, but dang I’m pooped! lol. Been a hard week. Don’t worry, I’ll dig up for stuff for next time. 😛

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