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New Riddick Image Lands Online from TotalFilm. Oooo a new one!
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Lockout Long Wondercon Preview. 
Daily Bugle “Spider-man” Exclusive – almost like watching real news. lol.
Snow White And The Huntsman theater trailer. The special effects look so good!
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The Avengers Japanese Trailer – totally worth watching for the SHIELD Helicarrier! Woot! (Our version of this preview doesn’t have it. Or half the cool stuff! What’s the deal????) 

Designing From Bones – Dead Reckoning by Gene Lempp. Olduvai Gorge – The Cradle Of Mankind! Time Travel – YES! Bwahahahahaha! Poor sod…


7 Steps To A Better Blog from DIYMFA. Good things to think about.

A Definition Of Author Platform by Jane Friedman. Enjoyed this. Well thought out.

So You Want To Be An Author? Part Three – Social Media from Donna Newton.

Triberr Is For Little Bloggers by Amber Meadows.


Does Publishing Support The Writer-Artist? by Kristen Lamb. Myth busting time~! Woot!

10 Things You Should Know About Setting from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig.

Some Special Problems In Writing First Person by Randy Ingermanson

Oh, and one last bit of madness I made myself. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have a great week, ya’ll!