This past weekend was Fan Days at Dallas Comic Con! There was a ton of awesome stuff and costumes!

IMG 0860
Neighbors #1 – Rhonda Eudaly! Her debut at Fan Days. (Fellow Feral Chihuahua with Yard Dog Press)

IMG 0861
Neighbors #2 – K & L Customs – they create custom action figures. They’re currently holding a contest for ‘likes’ on facebook. The prize is a free Moon Dragon figure! So if you’re on FB…hint hint. 😛

IMG 0862

IMG 0863
Who watches the Watchmen?

IMG 0864
Way cool autobot costume!

IMG 0866
Jesus blessed Fan Days. 🙂

IMG 0867
Fencon was there with Joe Dalek. Fez and all!

IMG 0868
Neighbor #3 (Behind us) artist Terry Huddleston!

IMG 0869
This is one of his fab drawings. I’ve always been a sucker for Robin. 😛

IMG 0870
Gimbly’s Father. Beard and hat are made of yarn. Too cool looking!

IMG 0871
Madeline from Burn Notice. 

IMG 0872

IMG 0874
A way too cute employee for the Umbrella Corporation. 

IMG 0875

IMG 0877
Several Assassin’s Creed costumes running around.

IMG 0878

IMG 0879
This is a flash from a major past. Hadn’t seen this comic book character in ages! 

IMG 0880
This guy truly looked nasty! The saw blade on his chest was very cool. 

IMG 0882

IMG 0883

IMG 0885
Raven from Teen Titans – her eyes were even yellow.

IMG 0886
A friend brought me a gift. Said the t-shirt made him think of me. Isn’t that sweet? (Now I need to deck her out some. Bwahahahahaha!)

IMG 0887
From Watchmen. Too hot too handle!

IMG 0888
Dr Doom!

IMG 0889
From the soon to be released Lone Ranger movie. 

IMG 0890
Prize for the contest by K & L Customs

IMG 0891
Hot, deadly chick alert! 😛

IMG 0892

IMG 0893
Really nice outfit.

IMG 0894
I got to watch Rhonda totally freak TWICE! Bwahahahaha! (And I got my picture too! Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13)

IMG 0895

IMG 0859
Neighbors #4 and #5! Xenex The Bugman Comics and Marvin Dog Media!

Kid was sick during most of this, and at home so were hubby and son-in-law. I was just glad not to be home all day to catch it! Noooooo!