What did I find this week? Let’s go see!


New Simon’s Cat! Icecapade. Adorable!
From Chalie – Fun Science: Saturn.
Star Trek Cumberbatch
A cool pic of Star Trek Into Darkness offered by The Nerdist. Very much looking forward to it!
Man of Steel official trailer # 2! Woot!
Oblivion with Tom Cruise – SF! Yeah! Looks awesome!
This one looks funky – The Mulbury Project.
Wow~! A ton of SF is coming next year. Sweet~! After Earth Trailer.
Lone Ranger Trailer 2 – this is going to be one weird puppy. Heh heh
The Sorcerer and the White Snake – looks like a ton of fun!

Attracting Reader Responses on Your Blog by Annemarie Miles posting at the Writer’s Fun Zone blog.

Dealing With Offense – When Is It Okay to Lecture Others? from Kristen Lamb. (I have so had this happen. Wished they’d just sent me a message off list. How rude!)


25 Gifts For Writers from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig!

Have an awesome week! And if you come across some cool stuff, feel free to share! πŸ™‚