I accumulated some pics recently. Heh heh heh

IMG 0994
Shimmery sunrise.

IMG 0995
Street by work. Just found its plainness as it goes off to nowhere somewhat intriguing. 😛

IMG 0996
A gajillion birds were in the Walmart parking lot the other day. 

IMG 0999
Tree of Birds!

IMG 0998
The gajillion birds in flight

IMG 1001
Nasty storm moving through Texas with super speed last week. Appeared very ominous.

IMG 1004
Trying to capture the turbulent cloud cover.

IMG 1003
Looks so much meager in this context, no?

IMG 1002
Panorama mode accident of DOOM! If I’d actually ever tried to do this on purpose, it would never happen. 😛

IMG 1006
A wine bottle tree! Found it at an Italian restaurant in Highland Village. Never seen the like before.

IMG 1008
Some beautiful flower in water arrangements there too!
IMG 1007
And this nice lamp as well.
Promise to bring back other people’s better photos next time. 😛