Pics, pics, pics, and more pics!
Heh heh

This past weekend I was at ConDFW! So here’s a few pics from there mixed in with some others. One day I will figure out how to load these in the order I want…One day… πŸ˜›

Great looking Wonder Girl no?

He even has the poofy pants. Heh heh.

She was still making costume pieces from yarn when I snagged this pic. 
IMG 1021
A couple of weeks ago, I caught the sun and sky doing fun things. πŸ™‚

IMG 1022
Like melting caramel…Mmmmm

IMG 1023

IMG 1024

IMG 1025
Greek crepes and salad at a new place we tried across the street from the Angelika theater in Plano. YUM!

IMG 1036
New creation by my daughter for her ChibiChains chain mail jewelry efforts. Looks even better in person.

IMG 1038
There’s so much on him you could spend all day looking at the detail. lol

IMG 1041
Dice Tower of DOOM at the Roll 2 Play booth area at ConDFW.

IMG 1042
Ah! The ever elusive author A Lee Martinez caught in his natural element at ConDFW. For any fans of his writing, he’s got a Kickstarter project going on for an anthology with short stories linking back to his novels. Could be fun!

IMG 1039
Steampunk Plus! Like her partner, she had a ton of detail on her person. ConDFW had a strong Costumes track this year.
See you next time!