Good morning!
Back muscles are still angry, but I did actually take some pics over the last couple of weeks. Lets’ see how far I get.

IMG 1166
Blown glass light fixture. Really neat and classy looking. I cool little touch at Fry’s or as we call it “The Toy Store.” 🙂

IMG 1167
Pic of the latest plushy attempt. Sadly, he was supposed to sit upside down to this. But the other way is what actually worked. The eyes were already screwed in, so I improvised. 😛 

IMG 1168
Not as many stoplights in the work route anymore, but was able to snag this one on the way home.

IMG 1169
Stonebriar Mall – way cool struts. Reminded me of where I am climbing around in Dishonored. Heh heh
Bove Light by Maurizio Pignotti at He has a pretty cool website too! Love his logo.
Majestic by Michael De Guzman at The black and white really makes the light almost glow, doesn’t it?

Back muscles are screaming so that will be it for this one. Have an awesome Wednesday!