Running late!!!!!

IMG 1170
The company had a celebration last week and we had a Crawfish & Jambalaya cook out. They had a ton of sea motif lollipops. Too cute!

IMG 1171
Should have gotten closer, but loved how the lights had cloth covers to make them look like paper lanterns. πŸ™‚

IMG 1172
Coming home the other day, the sun was playing off the back plastic on this jeep. The picture was not able to capture what our eyes saw, which was the sun playing like a rave laser pointer making all sorts of fast and squiggly shapes. Really cool looking.

IMG 1173
Loved this decal on their window. The red is a deer and antlers and at the top give the outline of a skull. I thought it was amazing as the antlered deer motif has been heavily used in the “Hannibal” TV series (So very very good!) so it was very apt. πŸ™‚
Val d’Orcia Hills by Daniele Liberati at Love the way the fog is barely visible.
Some other nice ones at her website too! Here’s Il Pirgo by Daniele Liberati
I’m a sucker for these night shots! Milky Way over Crater Lake by Yiming Hu at
Set Fire to the Sky
Oh! He caught the sky on fire! Awesome! Set Fire to the Sky by Yiming Hu