Greetings! I’m LATE! This will probably be the lamest PK ever!

Between spending an awesome weekend at SoonerCon, suddenly working 10 to 12 hour days at work, and trying to help one of my publishers set up for a sale over the holiday, I’ve found my time for other things a little scarce! (Trying to sneak this in before the boss gets here and we go off on another possibly long day! Oi!)

Golden Waterfall by Daniel Kordan at Yes, a calming influence, calming, calming…. 
Huh, his website url didn’t work 🙁
Oneonta Narrows by Michael Flaherty – How awesome! This would be a perfect for a fantasy!
His site has other awesome photographs! Looks like he’s traveled a lot. 🙂
It’s Burning by Matthieu Parmentier – Yes! More sky burning! Gorgeous! 
Okay gotta run! Have an awesome 4th of July!