Weird weather flip flops have been affecting mine and hubby’s allergies. Makes it hard to play stuff. Waaaahh.

Star Wars The Old Republic
Jedi Consular
Planet Makeb

Screenshot 2013 07 21 15 45 04 994000
The new Hutt story line starts you out at the orbital station over Makeb. Here’s some of the decor at the facility.

Screenshot 2013 07 21 15 45 32 931000
Nice little pond and plant decor. Gave the place a little spice.

Screenshot 2013 07 21 16 12 35 036000
Planet Makeb! We made it down just in time to log out. (Though we did take a detour to go get him a new speeder. I’d gotten lucky and got one in a Cartel pack, but not him.) 😛
N130707 23
Exit magical door at the end of the mission

N130707 24
Really nice glass.

N130707 25
Now we’re off to a new zone of the map. First time out in the country.

N130707 26
Broken Crown Inn. 

N130707 27
Raven Cliff Beach – lots of lighthouses.

N130707 28
Reason why they need lots of lighthouses! Bandits keep snuffing them out just to have this happen. The shame…

Okay, guess that’s it for this week. Hope all of you are feeling great and have a marvelous Sunday!