Actually got to take my own pics last week! Woot!
(Been a while)

IMG 1189
Some beautiful flowers planted at the work annex. What’s really neat is when I get there in the morning, these are all wrapped up. But in the afternoon, they’re all open and looking lovely.

IMG 1190
Decided to try a funky angle view of the fountain in our parking lot. 😛

IMG 1191
More awesome flowers outside our building.

IMG 1192
Had to go to a doc appointment last week and the sky looked so amazingly bizarre I took pictures. I was heading in the direction of the mess, so made for some cool stuff.

IMG 1193
The dark was very dark.

IMG 1194
Loved this weird striation. Think of how a split roof looks when they have a shelf for indirect lighting. And this line went from one side of the open sky to the other.

IMG 1195
You can see the weird diffused lighting effect and the line of it very clearly in this one.

IMG 1196
Too cool for school! 

IMG 1197
Very turbulent skies this week.

IMG 1199
New construction by Stone Briar Mall. No idea what this is. It looked like a giant announcement set up, but it’s more than likely some kind of giant air-conditioning system. They had huge round fans on the ground.

Have an awesome rest of the week!