I am so late! Came back from WorldCon straight into an 11 hour work day. So behind now…Eek!
These pics are all the ones in the phone. Still have to dig out the ones on the camera. heh heh.

IMG 1244
Southwest finally finished their construction in Dallas. Loved the giant beams!

IMG 1245
New funky ceiling art too!

IMG 1246
All sorts of things depicted flying in this thing.

IMG 1247
River walk view from the hotel in San Antonio

IMG 1248
Skyline from the hotel.

IMG 1249
The cutest serving of cheesecake EVAH! They put a tuxedo on the strawberry. Isn’t it cute?

IMG 1252
K-9 pass one! He was remote controlled and was hooked to a gentleman who would speak as him. So cute!

IMG 1253
The River walk areas all had different feels to them. This is under the convention center.

IMG 1254
Tanya Huff! Woot! Finally got to see and sort of meet her. Heh heh.

IMG 1256
The exhibition hall had different areas. This one had several daleks, the Tardis, and a replica of the Tardi’s control panel from one of the movies!

IMG 1257
Oh yeah! (Looks so steampunk too! Heh heh)

IMG 1258

IMG 1259
Then there was the original Star Trek bridge replica. Squee! (More pics somewhere)

IMG 1260
Two of my novels at the Zumaya Publications book and dolls and poster for Rie Sheridan Rose’s newest novel – The Marvelous Mechanical Man. (In the middle of reading it – Steampunk and Dime Novel fun)

IMG 1261
Liz Burton at the ZP table showing one of the newest YA books by Kim Baccellia and two of the gifts we were giving away during the con. 

IMG 1262
Modern Art close to the hotel.

IMG 1263
Aha! The Star Trek bridge pics! Heh heh

IMG 1264

IMG 1265
Steampunk Tardis!

IMG 1267
She even had the interior of the Tardis inside her skirt lining! So cool!

IMG 1270
Sunday morning screaming colors to wake us all up!

IMG 1271
Will pop your eyes wide open. Better than caffeine. hee!

IMG 1272
And she had a tail too!

IMG 1274
K-9 Rulz!

More later. Just want to get this out!