Morning all!
The best thing I love when hubby drives…I might actually get a chance to take pics! Bwahahaha!

IMG 1548
Truly looks like there’s a giant fire, doesn’t it?

IMG 1549
Some really awesome colors on this sunset. Mmmm

IMG 1554
I almost missed this one. Trying to flip the camera and take a pic while on the freeway with hubbins avoiding traffic makes this less easy than you’d think. lol. Love that red!

IMG 1557
The building there was reflecting the sun’s light as it set. Sadly, though I tried taking several pics, the rough road would not let the focus work right. 🙁

IMG 1558
That came out rather cool!

IMG 1559
This one is an accident, but I like it!

IMG 1565
Amazing colors the last few weeks! Yay!

IMG 1566
So calming…

IMG 1567
Panoramic attempt of doom!

IMG 1582
The sky was very stratified. Cool looking too.

IMG 1591
I have to say I did get some weird effects I wasn’t planning on. lol.

IMG 1594

IMG 1598
Finally – a decent one! I was clicking like mad. lol.

I’ll quit torturing you now.

May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!
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