Happy Wednesday!

Hope everyone is warm and dry. Cause the weather seems determined to make it different. 🙁
Went digging through my photos as I’ve been bad with tracking what I’ve shared and what I haven’t. I’ll add a few others just in case as well. heh heh

IMG 1405
The sky can really be so impressive at times.

IMG 1456
A cloudnami? Heh heh

IMG 1462
Could be a cloud beach too.

IMG 1469
Totally fits that old “the sun was like molasses” line, don’t you think?

IMG 1488
Sky prism!
IMG 1500
Texas always gets such fluffy clouds!
Enter the Communist Party Buzludzha by Djordje Boskovik at Earthshots.org The image speaks volumes on a number of levels. Pretty cool! And he’s got a lot of other cool work at his flicker account too. Nice!
Dancing With the Wind #1 by Matt Anderson at Earthshots.org Love the composition! He has a lot of creative angle/focus shots at his site. Eye candy!

Till next time!