City Streets and Extra Jobs
The Bank Job

I thought I’d mention controls real quick.
“E” is for just about Everything. “W”, “S”, “A”, “D” do what they do in most games and then a little more in certain situations. The one control you’ll forget about and which is NOT intuitive is the Right Click on the Mouse when you’re looking through keyholes/peep holes or get put into any kind of puzzle/turn knobs situation. I’ve flailed once or twice forgetting about the bloody thing. On everything else you get key hints but that! (DOH!)

2014 03 03 00011
Oh yeah, See this obelisk? When you buy the wrench, go take a look. There’s a plaque to collect from it but also a mysterious button that I expect will come into play later.

2014 03 03 00012
You can eavesdrop on the townspeople to get clues on where money and jewels may be hidden. (Turn on your subtitle option as the volume on some of these varies widely. Sound glitches?)

2014 03 03 00013
Isn’t that pretty?

2014 03 03 00014
Local bar near your fence and the dude you buy stuff from. 

2014 03 03 00015
Mini map can be turned on on the right. Doesn’t always help. You will get lost here. lol.

2014 03 03 00016
The Bank. Imposing, isn’t it?
DO NOT try the bank until you’ve been able to buy the wire cutters, which help disable traps. Trust me on this.

2014 03 03 00017
Second floor interior.

2014 03 06 00001
And yes, they have alarm systems!!!! You can extinguish them with water arrows. Just make sure you are angled right. Had a blast knocking all these out. Bwahahaha

2014 03 06 00002
The Vault. You think getting past that means you’re almost done. And that would be wrong!

2014 03 06 00003
This is inside the vault. A whole new set of alarms and TRAPS! Many traps. Focus came in handy here.

2014 03 06 00004
They’re so sneaky! And when they say locker, they mean the small safe’s before the big vault.

2014 03 06 00005
The trap I missed (cause I thought I got them all) did this. Two seconds later, I was dead. Look before you touch!

2014 03 06 00006
The collectible loot!

2014 03 06 00007
Trap mechanism up there.

2014 03 06 00008
This guy is everywhere! Talk about EGO

2014 03 08 00001
The poorer side of town. 

2014 03 08 00002
Creepy house.

2014 03 08 00003
Antlers and heads in all his decorating. Eek.

Have an awesome Sunday!