This will be the slash and burn edition.
Tons and tons of overtime at work. 🙁

IMG 1795
Hubby earned some much needed brownie points with this last week. Sherrie’s Berries. YUM!

IMG 1796
Chocolate Covered Cherries. (With a few missing ’cause I had to have them NOW!)

IMG 1797
Chocolate Covered Strawberries – DITTO!

IMG 1798
Also went and finally got to try Yoshi Shabu Shabu restaurant. First that I know of in Dallas. I’ve been wanting shabu shabu for years! And it was so worth it. Super YUM!

IMG 1799
Some call it Japanese Fondue. Basically you get a plate of vegetables and meat and you swish them in a pot of hot water cooking the food and creating a soup stock. You take the cooked meat out after swishing it and dip it in bowls of sauce and eat with rice.

IMG 1800

IMG 1801
You take any leftover veggies, add some udon noodles, and you get soup to eat as well!
So awesome!
Now I’m hungry. heh heh