A-kon 25 was this past weekend!
Packed as usual, with a ton of costumes everywhere. This is but a taste of what could be found there.

IMG 1943
Chibi Chains and I tried a different setup this time around. Trying to look as professional as possible. 😛

IMG 1945
Everything is awesome!

IMG 1946
Oh yeah, a Harley with attitude. 🙂

IMG 1947
Don’t recognize this one, but the costume was cool!

IMG 1949
Will Graham’s representation of Hannibal Lector. Woot!

IMG 1950
That’s some hair!

IMG 1952
Cat’s Meow!

IMG 1953
Catbug if I recall. 

IMG 1954
Son in law knew all about it. I had no clue. But it was so cute!

IMG 1955
Hasn’t had his caffeine yet?

IMG 1956
Sebastian – always ready to serve. Heh heh
IMG 1960
They looked so dapper!

IMG 1961
Chocolate covered bananas with spears – run for it!

IMG 1962
Attack on Titan was a major presence all weekend. 

IMG 1964
Cast of Frozen. So cute.

IMG 1965
Gandalf the Grey.

IMG 1966
The latest offering from Chibi Chains – flowers and butterflies on a stick! (Heh heh) Hair Sticks that is. They are totally adorable!

IMG 1967
Hm, from a game perhaps?

IMG 1968
Wish I’d gotten a better angle on him. He even had a jewel on the middle of his forehead. 

IMG 1969
From the Legend of Korra. (And rotate photo fail)

IMG 1970
Hah! Gruncle Stan from Gravity Falls! Sweet!

IMG 1971

IMG 1972
See, Attack on Titan was EVERYWHERE!

IMG 1973
Don’t get too close!

IMG 1974
Guardians of the Galaxy! (So unhappy at my phone! Because they looked super awesome!) (My own fault. Too lazy to bring the real camera. Wah!)
IMG 1976
Freezah is in the house! 

IMG 1977
And speaking of Freezer…Artist Alley was an ice box, which was really weird. The kid was an ice cube even with a blanket plus. Did find her a coat. Cutest back bustle on it. (Ended up later getting me one too. If I’m cold, you know it’s bad! lol)

IMG 1978
Rainbow furrys?

IMG 1979
Her dress was gorgeous!

IMG 1980
Abby from NCIS. Nice!

IMG 1981
My friend got her own comic! Sebastian and the Beast. Published by Radio Comixs. A twist to the beloved Beauty and the Beast tale. This is issue 1 of 3. 

IMG 1982
Dragonball Z! Booyah! Love that she did a pose. Toriyama and his bizarre poses are too awesome. Heh heh.

Totally behind on all things, but what else is new!
Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!