Feeling a little under the weather today. Ugh.

IMG 1999
Some unusual cloud formations for Texas recently. The weird cotton pattern is not what you normally see here.

IMG 2001
Sometimes I really wish you could pan back. This made for a cool giant sized wing. 🙂

IMG 2002
Fighting the wind to take a pic of the bud. Wind kept winning as it wouldn’t let the image focus. lol.

IMG 2003
Took this on the way in this morning. More cotton looking clouds.

IMG 2004
But I did something because instead of one pic, I heard the phone do multiple.

IMG 2005
Hadn’t touched the main button, so no idea what happened. But it does show how fast the clouds are moving.

IMG 2006
Giant cotton balls! They look even more defined here at work. 

Have a great day!