Morning all!
Lots of awesome sunrises lately.

IMG 2018
Flying Saucer Sunrise.

IMG 2019
Or giant eye with lashes. She just winked! πŸ™‚

IMG 2020
Used the panorama function as the sky looked too good. This came out quite nice!

IMG 2021
Lots of subdued colors.

IMG 2022
Did I get carried away? Naw.

IMG 2023
The dragon rises.

IMG 2024
Molten honey or a sunny side up egg?

IMG 2025
Lots of colors!

IMG 2026
Wake up!

This past weekend was Dallas ComicCon’s Fan Appreciation Day at the Irving Convention Center. Since it was just 1 day, I didn’t expect much on the costume department. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I curse the fact I forgot to charge up my phone!

IMG 2027
Doesn’t he look awesome? And on stilts too!

IMG 2029
Tried to catch the rising rainbow led lights inside the helmet, but failed.

IMG 2032
A lady brought her pig to the show! He was adorable. Not a pot belly, but I can’t remember the breed she told me. Argh. But he was cute and super well behaved.
IMG 2034
One of the local Halloween outfits is going to do a Japanese themed haunted house this year. Here’s some of their group all dressed up. They look AWESOME!

IMG 2035
The oni and tengu look fantastic!

IMG 2036
Animal!!!!  (The little kids loved her! lol)

IMG 2037
More molten sky goodness.

IMG 2038
Melting butter….mmmmm

IMG 2039
Super puffy stuff.

Have an awesome day!