Morning all~!

Can you believe it is DECEMBER? I find it totally mind boggling. 2014 zoomed past.

October Tree by Matt Anderson at The stars just pop out at you! 
Matt Anderson Photography: Cover Slide Show &emdash; Winter Tree #7 by Matt Anderson
Here’s another fantastic shot by Anderson. So lonely, no? Winter Tree #7
Matt Anderson Photography: Cover Slide Show &emdash; Matt-Anderson-Photography-DSC_9337_1500px
He’s got all sorts of awesome photos. Look at this one! Taken at Devil Lake State Park.  Prints of all sizes for sale. 
Sleepy Eyes by Morkel Erasmus at – love the weird, grainy quality of the black and white. He’s got a ton of cool animal pics at his site to oooh and aaaah over. πŸ™‚
Fire Water by Eric Temple at The colors are fabulous! Almost looks like a microorganism. He’s got a ton of lovely landscapes at his site to drool over.
Have an awesome Wednesday!