Morning everyone!

Let’s see how far I get this week. Heh heh.

Fan Fun

SPY Official Trailer 1 – OK, this actually looks funny! lol. 
The Messengers – coming to the CW 2015. This looks cool!
iZombie – coming to the CW – from the people who did Veronica Mars. This looks awesome!

Social Media/Author Platform

How To Use Visuals To Engage Your Audience by Anna Guerrero at the Social Media Examiner.

8 Ways To Make People On Twitter Want To Stab Us IN THE FACE by Kristen Lamb. (Ack, the nightmares, the nightmares!) πŸ˜›

Writing Advice

Reminder: In Publishing, There Is No Debate by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Tell it Brother Beard!

Oh! Ooooooh! This actually looks like a real post! It’s been so long….! Booyah!