Gooooood Morning!
We’re supposed to get more rain this week. Lakes are happy, sinuses are not! 🙂
But it does make for some interesting skies!

IMG 2444
Some unusual cloud type mixes this day. Cirrus at the top, cumulus  at the bottom.

IMG 2445
You can see the cumulus line better on this one.

IMG 2446
More so in this one. It was a harbinger of things to come!

IMG 2460
A little too fast on the trigger finger, lol. But look at them clouds!

IMG 2461
Butter melting in the horizon! 

IMG 2462
Can you hear the pan sizzle?

IMG 2463

IMG 2464
And one more!

IMG 2465
Roses have been loving the rain. 

IMG 2466
Glorious morning! Booyah!

IMG 2467
Storms are a coming.

IMG 2468
Oh yeah!

IMG 2470
Only caught the tail of the lovely colors in the clouds. *pout* Driving safety first though!

Have a lovely Wednesday!