Running even later than normal today. Tropical Storm Bill has hit and Texas is getting pounded with water again. Flash floods are highly likely. Highways are a mess. Wheee!

FanExpo 2015 pt 2

IMG 2526
 You’ll have to look at the bigger size, but he has a super cool Tree of Life on his forehead and face. Nice! 

IMG 2530
They can’t be up to anything good. 😛

IMG 2531
Though the equipment is the only thing giving humanity a fighting chance in Attack on Titan, they do require a lot of maintenance. 😛

IMG 2532
That staff is awesome!

IMG 2533

IMG 2534
Lovely mix of anime and steampunk, no?

IMG 2535
Told you they were up to no good!

IMG 2536
Daernys patiently waiting (Same lady who wore Halo and was Merida!)

IMG 2537
Ernie Hudson aka Winston from Ghostbusters! Sweet!

IMG 2538
Yes, I took a few pics of him. Heh heh

IMG 2539

IMG 2541

IMG 2542
Looking good!

IMG 2544
Ivy, Joker, and Harlequin all steampunked. 🙂

IMG 2545
Little Gideon from Gravity Falls! She has him down. lol

IMG 2546
Cannot be a good thing. lol.

IMG 2549

 Fry and Bender! 

IMG 2552
His Jaffa costume was rad! 

IMG 2553
Yes, the Anubis head swings!

IMG 2554
Leather and chains!

IMG 2555
Veloci raptor! Right before the movie came out. Nice choice!

IMG 2556
Looks great, no?

IMG 2557
“Gojira!” aka Godzilla. He moved right after I took the pic. 

IMG 2558
Sweet Iron Man suit!

Stay dry ya’ll!