New game this week! The kids had played FF Online a year + ago, but we’d not looked at it. Now that they’ve done an update and changed a lot of the quests, the kids are back and hubby and I took the 14 day free trial. (We liked it, so now we’re in too! o.O)

It’s a super gorgeous game! A lot of history and story stuff when you pick up quests. And nice integrated character sequences. 🙂

Character generation screen! With my final beauty. She came out great!!!

Intro movie once you go to enter the world.

She’s so cute!!!!

Someone not so cute….


Funky and surreal.

I wake up on the world as a traveler in a coach

These guys are from the forest and can’t normally be seen by others.

The cool looking coach! And Chocobos! 

Isn’t it cool?

The lovely terrain on our way

So pretty!

More gorgeous stuff. The glowing crystal is the spawn point and smaller ones for travel.

Lush and alive!

Chocobos! Chocobos!

Entering New Gridania

I;m cute. So cute! Yes, I am! Hee!

The architecture rocks!

A look at the UI. (I did figure out later how to take it out, but had taken a ton of pics before that. DOH

Interior of the main introduction building for the Adventurers.

The outside of the same building. Gorgeous no?

Central crystal spire. 

Big bugger!

Entry to the vendor stalls and crafting area.

Our first customer as an Adventurer!

Should be exciting! Have a great Sunday!