While I missed about half of FanDays due to work, I still made it in time to get a few pics. Yay!

IMG 2695
My daughter had not made one of these triple layer flowers in forever. Someone saw it on the banner and asked for one. I think they are super cool!

IMG 2698
Look at the awesome detail on her headdress. Fascinating!

IMG 2699
Her weaponry and the buddy with her also had it going on!

IMG 2700
Hawkwoman! Lots of nice detial.

IMG 2701
See what I mean? Came out great!

IMG 2702
The armor looks awesome!

IMG 2703
Master Splinter and Raphael! Master Splinter is in the original comic style. Poor thing.

IMG 2705
Talking of originals – here’s the Penguin! Qack qack qack. (He looked awesome!)

IMG 2706
A young Poison Ivy was hanging around too. Her necklace is super cool!

IMG 2694
Pic my daughter sent me that Friday. She had my back while I was slaving at the day job. My bro came too, so he had her back. πŸ™‚

Hope you have a great Wednesday!