Figured I’d start sharing my Puerto Rico pics. Will be setting up a gallery for them all, but it’s not ready yet. These are all phone camera pics. The gillion others were with my camera. So expect all sorts of photography mayhem soon.

Heh heh heh

Puerto Rico – a property of the US. Only need a drivers license to go there. Currency is the US Dollar. Main language is Spanish.

IMG 2749

View of a little island we spotted from the plane.

IMG 2750

Amazing skies. Clouds are the main thing you miss when you move away from PR.

IMG 2751

Panorama from my uncle’s house in the mountains.

IMG 2752

More views from his porch.

IMG 2753

He has a set of  Hibiscus bushes as a partial fence.

IMG 2756

I love the flowers from these bushes. Always make me think of home.

IMG 2766

View from the balcony of the condo we got to stay in overnight.

IMG 2772

Panorama from the top of the 1st viewing tower at El Yunque – PR’s protected rain forest.

IMG 2773

Pano of the other side on the tower.

IMG 2786

Pano at El Morro. Spanish fort in San Juan. All the pink shirts are students on a field trip.

IMG 2787

Different pano view from the fort.

IMG 2788

View from El Morro looking out. Huh, something happened as this bugger looks stitched! lol.

IMG 2797

These are Quenepas. I’d not had some in 20 years! Last two times I’d made it home, they’ve not been in season. Ran across some when we went south. YAY! You bite the green to peel off the top. Then you use the bottom half as a cup. The fruit strands are stuck to a large seed. You put it in your mouth and suck off the strands. So good!

More torture to come later. 🙂