Picture Kaleidoscope

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/3/16


This week has seemed real hard for some reason. Huh.


Etna Power by Nunzio Santisi at Earthshots.org – WOW! Nature is amazing! Mr. Santisi has other landscapes, macro, and more at this site. Nice work!

Another unusual shot! Fighting and Yelling by David Hua at Earthshots.org. He has lots of lovely animal photography at his site.


Hidden Garden by Perri Schelat at Earthshots.org – Perfect scene for a romance or fantasy no? 🙂 Lots of lovely landscapes at his site. Sweet!

I Waited for 117 Hours in -50°C Temperatures to Snap These Polar Bear Photos article and photography by Daisy Gilardini at PetaPixel. That’s dedication! She’s got a ton of bear pics and cold environ pics at her site as well. Brrrr.

17 of Apple’s Favorite iPhone 6S Portrait Photos by Michael Zhang at Earthshots.org Photo by Jirasak Panpiansin, Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand

Have an awesome day!

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