Running late… as usual!  :mrgreen:

20160210052717 4c0b819b me

I love this kind of thing. They ball at the top changes colors! Taken at Wasabi and Wok. (Yummy food!)

20160210052711 fdec9414 me

And nothing says Happy Chinese New Year like a cute bamboo set. 🙂 Taken at Wasabi and Wok.

20160210052647 c658b981 me

Cool kit car I saw over the weekend! More pics of it at the album.

20160210052500 8f8c6a92 me

Fluffy skies!

20160210052510 69803228 me

Lots of pink that morning. 🙂

20160210052523 92c375d8 me

Kind of a neat effect on this one, no?

20160210052546 9d1659f9 me

Unintended outcome but looks rather cool! But then, I’m biased. 😛

20160210052552 a7855669 me


20160210052614 07e25b7e me

Nature’s contrast. She does paint beautiful pictures. 🙂

I’ll let you off the hook… for now! Bwahahahaha!

Have an awesome day!