Have not done one of these in quite a while. Apologies!
Life has been way too “interesting”. Eek!

Skies around here have been fabulous the last couple of months. See for yourselves! 🙂


20160804191725 90310b2b me

Great contrast between the clouds, no? 🙂

20160804191733 bccc5ce4 me

Full of hash marks – Heavenly tick tack toe? 😛

20160804191736 0c14854a me

Like the heavens were splitting in half – or a dimensional rift? 😛

20160804191745 1b2eacd1 me

And what about these pastels? Also love how it splits the sky.

20160804191757 58979cc6 me

Some neat striation. 🙂

20160804191808 446771be me


20160804191811 b68597da me

The sun is melting! Melting!

20160804191815 e62e9ef9 me

Can you see the cloud UFO? 😛

20160804191823 fea1db12 me

Loved the cool colors and how the clouds are spread out. Looks almost like a painting. 🙂

Have a fab Wednesday!