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The heat has been unrelenting. Since late June, we’ve hit over 100 degrees almost every day. Eek! Doing my best to keep cool! 😎 Are you?


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On a totally different track, I’m taking an ad course this week. It has homework and even extra credit! Not the best month to do it, but what the hey! Lol

Extra content today:

1) StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

2) StoryOrigin Swap 2 (UBL)

3) Forward to the Future Group Promo

4) BookSirens Book Review Bundle for July 2022


Scroll on down to get all the deets. 😉

Pool of Memories and Serpents

Pool of Memories and Serpents

StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

He devoured a dark dragon spirit, and now it will consume him from the inside out.

Less than a month into Hidekazu’s journey to find where all the dragons disappeared to, he and his travelling companion are attacked by a dark spirit belonging to one of the very creatures they’re hoping to find.
Instead of receiving answers, Hidekazu is forced to tap into the power he can’t control to save his partner’s life. Only by surrendering to the darkness inside of him again, this time Hidekazu might not be able to return… or stop himself from feasting on the innocent spirits who get in his way.

Pool of Memories and Serpents is a fantasy tale filled with magic, dragons, and wonder, and is a supplementary novella in the Yumihari World. This story can be enjoyed after reading the Yokai Calling series or on its own.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Started a new game called Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. I was a little reticent as I was not impressed with the previous game for Sherlock called the Devil’s Daughter. But it looks like Frogwares has things under control again. Yay!

Pics currently uploaded can all be seen here.

This Sherlock game is from the POV of a young Holmes. He’s gone back to the island of Cordona to find closure over his mother’s death many years before.

What’s rather awesome about this version is how they handled not having a Watson. They gave Sherlock an imaginary friend called Jon. (He refers to Sherlock as Sherry!) Why Jon exists is actually an integral part of the main storyline. Plus, he’s a total hoot! (Unless you use the wrong search criteria at the archines. DOH!)
They’ve added combat to this incarnation. It’s tricky, multiple waves of bad guys (which you are supposed to disable and apprehend not kill—sometimes not so easy to do), but gets repetitive after a time. Luckily, there’s not a ton of it.

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Our first view of Cordona as Sherlock’s ship docks at his old stomping grounds.

20220714083107 6dd0b5a7 me

This is Jon. He’s Sherlock’s wilder and more emotional side. He’s a riot!

20220714083110 efe23c72 me

The hotel Sherlock first stays at in Cordona. Awesome detail!

20220714083116 cc146604 me

The first of many in-jokes. The portrait on the right is Sir Author Conan Doyle, the creator of the Sherlock Holmes stories. 😁

20220714083117 a3688439 me

The first case revolves around a stolen jewel during a seance!

20220714083120 b4223188 me

There are some truly gorgeous vistas. The island is multicultural, so each area has a flavor. Some are more affluent than others.

20220714083125 5c441991 me

Gravesite of Violet Holmes, Sherlock’s mom.

20220714083135 1b53362d me

​Finally, took one where you could see Sherlock’s young face! Lol. (Later on, I take some of him in his costumes! Yes, there are disguises!)​

The Poisoned Clergyman

The Poisoned Clergyman

StoryOrigin Swap 2 (UBL)

Poppy adores Constable Dyngley, but he is engaged. When his fiancée hires Poppy to clear her name, can Poppy put her jealousy aside?

Welcome to book two in the exciting new series The Perfect Poison Murders from bestselling author E.L. Johnson!

When Poppy’s uncle is called away, in his place arrives Mr. Ingleby, a pretentious clergyman with a passion for pies, a penchant for puddings, and a distaste for poor and sick parishioners. It’s not long before Poppy wishes he was gone, especially when she learns he has been gossiping to the neighborhood about the humble fare served by her and her aunt.

But when the tart-loving clergyman dies at a local baking competition, it is clear that Mr. Ingleby has been poisoned by one of the bakers present. But who?

Poppy and her favorite constable, Henry Dyngley, must work together to find the poisoner among the bakers. But her romantic hopes for their future are dashed when he introduces her to his fiancee, who begs for Poppy’s help to clear her name as a murder suspect.

Can Poppy and Dyngley find the true poisoner, or will the murderous baker pull off a sweet crime? Can Poppy overlook her jealousy to save Dyngley’s fiancée, at the risk of losing the man she adores? It is a bittersweet feeling to know you may do the right thing, only for someone else to reap the benefit.

Find out in a new historical mystery from bestselling author E.L. Johnson. This is the second in the Perfect Poison series, starring Poppy Morton and Constable Henry Dyngley.

Forward To The Future Jul 2022 Giveaway

Forward to the Future Giveaway! Freebie ebooks through the month of July.

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