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Things fell from the sky and they were wet! ☔Could it be? Was that the ancient occurrence named rain?! 😁 (It also means that for a day or two, we won’t be over a 100 degrees! Yay!)

Is it still scorching where you are? Hopefully, you got some sky water, too. (Unless you live in Kentucky, Missouri, Korea, or the other places having flooding!) Stay safe!


I gave the winner of the JOY of Murder Release Celebration Giveaway until Friday night to claim their prize. It’s been close to two weeks, four emails, and no response. So a new winner got drawn! Check your inboxes!

Good luck!

All the reader magnets have now been fully edited and loaded with bling! You can download your choice by signing up for the newsletter — take one or two! Heck, take them all! Bwahahahaha. 😇

Appeasement – YA Japanese fantasy

Appeasement - a prequel short story for In the Servi9ce of Samurai

Elixir of Life – Urban Fantasy

Elixir of Life - an Urban Fantasy short story

Jacques – Historical fiction

Jacques - A Daiyu Wu Mystery Prequel Short Story

Sylvanna – Dark Fantasy

Sylvanna - a prequel short story for the Price of Mercy

Windows – Science Fiction

Windows - A science fiction short story

Feel free to let me know what you think about the spiffier interiors!

Progress on the current WIP has been slow as there have been way too many things getting in the way. Hopefully, I can get back to it and make some progress next week. 55K words down and 25K to go!

Extra content today:

1) StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

2) StoryOrigin Swap 2 (UBL)

3) Marvelous Mythology  Group Promo

4) August Escapes Group Promo

5) BookSirens Book Review Bundles

6) Strong Women Strange Worlds Virtual Readings 


Scroll on down to get all the deets. 😉

A Rare Connection

A Rare Connection

StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

Flirty, French, heiress Nicole Moreau takes her hard-working, American best friend, Andrew Leavitt, for granted, until he puts his education at UCLA on hold to serve as a missionary in South Korea for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She can’t understand his devotion, can’t seem to be happy without him, and can’t stop herself from interrupting his mission. Intending to propose, she botches the question and leaves heartbroken.
Andrew is deeply in love with her but doesn’t react fast enough to prevent a tragedy.

Caught in the crosshairs of the private war between her French Intelligence agent mother and a deadly North Korean unit of kidnappers, Nicole becomes collateral damage.

Can her well-meaning grandmother give her a second chance to chose truth as well as love so she can heal from a #MeToo secret with the power to destoy her? Or will her mother’s enemies exact the final revenge?


I saw a preview for this indie game and instantly fell in love! It was too adorable not to get it. For cat lovers everywhere! 🐈

Stray centers around a cute stray cat that gets separated from his pack and ends up in an underground city. Humanity is gone, but there are entities that have survived. One of them needs help, and his only hope is the lost stray cat.

You can see all the currently uploaded pics here.

20220811111824 a5964b11 me

Our super cute hero/heroine! Isn’t he adorable?!

20220811111819 d94526b3 me

One of our hero’s siblings. You can have him interact with them and even meow. So CUTE!

20220811111825 e1ef4326 me

Our stray is gallivanting along with his siblings, but fate is about to take a turn.

20220811111828 0d797cdb me

The cats look to have a routine and passages they normally travel. It’s obvious this area has not been used for some time.

20220811111830 63a1fc42 me

After falling when a pipe gives way and seeing some odd one-eyed things, the cat finds his way into a dead city.

20220811111832 de69a04b me

One of several indications all is not well here. (Ack, forgot to check for the dark pics to lighten them before uploading. DOH!)

20220811111834 cf8f3b4c me

A victim of time or something more sinister?

20220811111835 fb155c98 me

​One of the several clever ways the stray is being guided to help someone in need.

Murder Takes a Selfie Box Set

Murder Takes a Selfie Box Set

StoryOrigin Swap 2 (UBL)

Ebook set of all four By-the-Sea-Cozy-Mysteries.
Books included are: Murder Takes a Selfie, Murder Makes a Vlog, Murder has a Ball, and Murder hosts and Event.

Book 1: Murder Takes a Selfie:
If you like Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie, you’ll love Esther and her best friend, Sophie, in book one of the By the Sea Cozy Mystery series!

Book 2: Murder Makes a Vlog
Lights, camera, murder-and two beach town best friends caught in a mystery!

Book 3: Murder Has a Ball
Save the date for a masquerade! Forget Phantom of the Opera. The Oceanside High Masked Ball has Esther and Sophie waltzing around clues to solve a cozy mystery murder by the sea.

Book 4: Murder Hosts an Event
You’re invited to join Esther and Sophie at The End, a mysterious event that’s supposed to be a really killer party. But murder is on the agenda, and these two best friends must figure out who’s behind it all before the killer finds his plus one.

Marvelous Mythology Banner
Free August Escapes Banner

Free August Escapes Group Promo – all sorts of stuff in here!

BookSirens Murder Mystery ARCs Aug 2022

BookSirens books for reviews for the month of Aug 2022 – Murder Mysteries.

BookSirens Womens Fiction ARCs Aug 2022

BookSirens books for reviews for the month of Aug 2022 – Women’s Fiction.

Strong Women Strange Worlds 22.08.18

The next Stong Women Strange Worlds Virtual Readings will be on 8/18/22!

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Jacques – Kathleen and Violet Kovacevic

The JOY of Murder – CarolK, Mmosburn53, ckurimbokus, Ana Luisa, Myra McCulloch, Margaret, Carol, Kay Cook, Korinne Tande, Kat Taylor, Anne Kavcic, Delphia Von Heeder, Denise, Kelly Atkins, Federica, Michelle Anne, Supersim, Gilbert M. Stack, Teresa Collins, A, Margaret Both, Caroline, Beth A, Abigail, Al Gritten, Julie, Charlotte M, and Y2PK.

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