Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 7/22/12

Hm, my daughter didn’t leave me any Secret World pics. Shame!
First my Imperial Spy on Alderaan
What’s fun on trying to take pictures while she’s ridding the transport beast is that the trees take a few seconds to generate, so sometimes you can get clearer vista shots. Heh. 

Don’t look down!

A defended power plant compound

This was a fun mission. You had to open up the power generator and then my guest companion gummed up the works with Killick flying baby bugs.

Finally got to see more of House Cortesse. Heh.

The wife is in Big Trouble.

A set of ruins with a statue that match some other aqueduct looking ruins. Never spotted this when I was here for the Republic.

Finally got off Alderaan and tried to finish the space mission which had been kicking my buns after upgrading my ship parts. Still took me five more times. This sucker is way under rated!!!! Made me work! lol.
On the Republic side with my Jedi Consular on Belsavis.

The strange mix of jungle and cold always gets me.

Caught a glimpse of one of the new bonus vehicles for getting peeps to try out the game. Looks like a Tatooine Pod Racer. 

Nasty looking creature.

Some have been tamed by the escape prisoners.

Entrance leading down to some of the old technology sections the Republic built over with the prison to hide.

This race, which we’ve encountered before, seem to be the keepers of the ancient race I am looking for. Slowly making progress. 🙂

Have an awesome Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Secret World and Star Wars The Old Republic 7/15/12

Let’s see what hopefully awesome shots my daughter and I came up with this week. 😛

Secret World

Star Wars The Old Republic

Republic Side – Belsavis

Funky prison planet. Tropical zone surrounded by ice cliffs.

Giant root bridges. Pretty cool!

Plumed iguana type thing. Love the colors

Part of the prison was built in and over ancient ruins

Those flowers weird or what?

Refugee area due to the prison riots

Weird flying fish tat goes around in circles over this area alone. I know there HAS to be a reason. We haven’t figured it out yet.

Big robot we have to fight. We were in the middle of trying to kill it when the servers went down. Afraid to see where we are when we get to go play again. eek!
Empire Side – Alderaan

My companion and our Sith boss of the moment.

Pantere Castle – a close duplicate to the castle on the Republic side.

Way in the back is a holocron.

I was on my own, so took the time to try to figure out how to get to it. And I did! Bwahahahahaha! +3 Wisdom X-2505 Y-429 Z144 

Bwaha bwahahahahahaha! (Hey those things are hard to get to sometimes!) Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Virtual Tourist – Secret World and Star Wars The Old Republic 7/8/12

My daughter has just started playing the new MMO Secret World, so I’ve drafted her to take touristy photos as she plays as well. Bwahahahahaha!

The Secret World (She showed me some cool ones in a Chinese setting, but didn’t get them to me yet. For shame!)

Star Wars The Old Republic

Imperial Spy on Alderaan

Energy cage/holding cell in the Rist compound

Republic Side

Station where bad news are to be had.

This space mission had the weirdest planet. 

Recreated projector for the Neocrons. Eight or Nine Masters computerized essences.

New Planet! Belsavis (Dang it, several of the pics didn’t tkae. Wah!)
Back to the Imperial Spy on Alderaan

Found the location of a new Datacron! Could not figure out how to get to it. Wah!

Escape pod wreck.

That looks to be it for this time around. Have a great Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 7/1/12

Trying to get back into the old groove, so did snag a few pics at least!

First my Imperial Spy on Alderaan.

Loved that tower thing. So weird looking.

Thul Guard uniform. That helmet is just not in. 😛

The two beaties did not appreciate me wanting to share their mugs with you on the blog. Bad tempered little buggers.

Some Alderaan flora.

Do like the look of this.

House Rist’s banner.

Loved the stone scroll work.

Finally got to play with hubby again so here are a few Republic side pics of Hoth.

That giant wall is a downed ship. This ship graveyard is HUGE.

And we finally found a holocron on Hoth! (Though we couldn’t get to it. We so suck at jumping.) X 3150 Y 482 Z-22 or there abouts. It’s iniside one of the giant wrecks where the story progression took us. So close and yet so far. Waaaahhhh!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 6/24/12

Health issues have really cut into my playing time, but still managed to get a few pics this week.

Imperial Spy at Alderaan

Some views from the taxi service. Mind went blank on how to remove the UI. Doh!

A broken lift goes to the small island. Wondering if there’s another way to get to it. Hmmm.

Some less ostentatious housing on Alderaan. 😛

Red energy screens? Yeah, it’s gonna be trouble.

Love the holographic tables.

Flying fish taxi travel pics. Some awesome views!

I do so love the Alderaan mountain ranges.

Have a great day~!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 6/17/12

Life has been chaotic lately. Whee!

Alderaan pics from the Empire’s side.

Cultivated plants

I saw that log and was so sure it led to something. No, really! But it didn’t. Pooh.

Killick left overs. Not something to make you look forward to entering the cave beyond. 

Spooky cave system taken over by the Killiks.

Killik nests with Imperials in armor stuck to the walls. Ick. 

Ulgo Defenses and ships

The Ulgo Family banner

This poor bot was in sad shape. Vengeful little bugger though.

That’s as far as I got. Heh. Have a great Father’s Day!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 6/10/12

It’s Sunday, the weather is changing again, and I am dragging. 😛

From the Republic side – Hoth:

A valley full of volcanic geysers.

Heading towards a valley filled with giant crystals.

Imperial occupied space within the crystal zone.

Better look at my map emote

New kind of artifact harvesting node. Funkiest looking thing. Had not had a new configuration in a while and none so interesting looking! 

Pirate base. Loved the giant ice sculptures! Can you spot them?

Reminiscent of movie Superman’s Fortress of solitude. (Smallville’s too!)

About to arrive at a zone full of downed ships. Who knew Hoth had these many visitors!

Inside one of the larger pieces of wreckage.

Now for my Imperial Spy on Anderaan.

Do love these flying fish. What’s interesting here is the grass nest.

Approach to House Alde.

House Alde’s Banner.

They have this huge holographic projector. A bit ostentatious no? Heh heh.

Funky death pic. His buddy disappeared on me or they’d have been two in the pic. Hee!

Hope you had a great weekend~!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 6/3/12

Pre-prepped this for while I’m off at A-kon. Heh heh.

All Republic pics on Hoth.

White, so much white!

There are more wrecks on Hoth than you’d ever imagine.

Some funky battle droids

Fun quest where the Empire and Republic are forced to work together.

Pirate hideout with their own pirate jail. Eek!

Bad tempered pirates too!

Looking down this cliff gave me vertigo. 😛

Ran across some crystal formation. There is a whole valley of them which will show on the next post.

This male has two humps. Even bigger than the others. Glad they’re peaceful creatures. 

Ice cats. And no, they’re not nice kitties.

Close up of one of the cats.

Wampa – dead. 

Wampa – lots!

Should be Zombie Sunday at A-kon today. heh heh.

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 5/27/12

Computer problems have been corrected! Yay! Now I can post again!

My Imperial Spy on Alderaan:

One of the cool things on Alderaan, integration of nature and tech.

Finally made it inside House Cortess. Well, to a room or two anyway. Proud house wouldn’t you say?

These were signs next to the skill trainers. I thought them rather cute though I still had to mouse over each one at the time. lol. Sith trainer.

Fighting Sith Trainer

Spy/Rogue Trainer

Trooper trainer.

The healing sequence HUD visual.

Okay, this Jedi died in the worst way. Head first into this bonfire. So weird.
Now to Hoth and the Republic

Neat cave system

A Wampa, couldn’t get too close. Also some wild Taumtaums to the right.

Funky ice and snow formation.

This area was pretty large.

Had these cool looking snow vehicles.

Another weird death. Not only did he impale his own head with his stick weapon, he was glowing.

Heat Exchange cave system.

Looks like that’s it. Had hope to spend some time in Minecraft but the computer going nuts cut that possibility off. Sniff. (When the software you’re about to install says it might have a compatibility issue…Don’t  install it! You’ll be sorry! Waaaahhhh)

Virtual Tourist 5/20/12 – Star Wars The Old Republic

Dallas Comic Con is this weekend, so I may not have as many items to share as usual. But we’ll see. 😛

Hoth on the Republic side.

It is very very cold on Hoth as this gentleman will attest.

Video glitch gave me some groovy pics. Look at that weird sky.

Base camp on Hoth.

Reached a new level on Legacy which unlocked three new emotes – /map /holocom and one more. Pretty nifty.

Video glitch gone! Now all is blindingly white again.

My Imperial Spy on Alderaan.

Toxic lake with Killick eggs in that small island

Looks like Alderaan had some large beasties like Tatooine at some point.

Aggressive and now dead fauna. 

A different House clan – Costova? that rules in Alderaan.

Their crest.

Cool ceiling at the Thull Palace.

Some armor. 😛
Looks like that’s it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!