Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 4/15/12


Let’s start with Balmorra and the Republic.

Imperial stronghold area.

Ah, this Sith I’d met before. She was the woman placed in charge of putting Balmorra under heel when I first came here as an Imperial Spy. I’d left things wrapped up quite nicely. Then here comes my Jedi Consular and she’s brought the Sith woman to ruin. Was fun seeing the storylines connect like this.

The Empire’s super weapon. Makes most normal weaponry malfunction.

Yes, I know, “what? another picture of Balmora’s skies?” What can I say, it fascinates me.

Some special Imperial flyers we got to destroy. 

Mid destruction pics. Heh heh.

A really lovely set of waterfalls.

YES! Another Holo/Datacron! Woot! 

View as we struggled for an hour to figure out how to get to it! (We went the hard way. Sigh. Quite easy once we really figured it out.

Aha! Found you!

X -771 Y 2050 Z139 Willpower +4 Booyah!
Now for Tatooine with my spy.

Some super cool lit mushrooms in a cave.

Giant dead thing in the same cave. Poor thing.

Sand People cloth with much needed information on a lost corporation site. (Yeah, some one I already had fun with with my Jedi. Can’t wait to see how this one goes a different direction. Heh)
Back to Balmorra.

The big Legacy 1.2 update happened this week. First thing we found, synchronous dancing with your companion. Yay! (Hey, it’s important!) 
Approach to Bug Town, where the Republic is holed up. 

Hah! Synchronous dancing with my spy. Hee! (What?)
Blacksun and Perelay have done a bunch of work. This is their place from a distance.

Interior of the open area.

The netherbrick is looking pretty cool.

Ah! My road! My first road since we’ve had to start over. Nothing like seeing the sucker glow in the night.

Magic room.

Finally found the second village. Spent the night safely indoors at the church. The zombies who’ve been banging on the door just caught fire in the growing sunlight. Yes!

Long tunnel in the nether and here’s one of the denizens. Bad hygiene for sure. 😛

Nether plant. For some potions? J had a nice little patch growing. He lives so far away from everyone else, they built a shortcut through the Nether to get to him. Dang!

J’s bridge to his watermelon and pumpkin fields.

J’s front.

View of J’s place from the bridge.

Inside J’s place. Swanky!

Heard there were multiple sandstone styles so did a little experiment while waiting for night to pass. Top are ‘hieroglyph’ sandstone (not impressed – thought it would be more hieroglyphy). Bottom has 2 regular sandstone and a smoother sandstone.  

The jungle by village 2. Building a road through there is proving challenging. Whee!
Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic, MInecraft and ? 4/8/12

Have more virtual tourist pics and a surprise. 🙂

First Balmorra on the Republic side

A mission gone very wrong for my compatriot Blacksun.

Balmorra is just so cool looking.
Imperial side of Tatooine.

Some Sith training.

A local beastie. Don’t remember seeing him on the Republic side.

The vistas on Tatooine are just awesome.
Back to Balmorra.

Men and their toys. 😛

Double the Shuttle Double the Fun?

I want to drive this tank!

All those nifty places to crawl through. We were sure we’d see a holocron here but no.

Cool logo!

These missiles are scary looking.

Weapons factory. Cool place.

Pilot training pods for the Empire.

Love the 3D holograms!

You have to admit, warning signs are warning signs in any language. 😛
Tatooine again.

Snorkle dude!

We had a major crash on the Minecraft server. There was a void that wouldn’t go away and then started filling up with more and more creepers and zombies. It overloaded the thing. Happened when I wasn’t home, which meant hubby didn’t take any PICTURES~! Nooooo!  The humanity! We’re having to start from scratch again. The hunt for a new home begins. Wahhhhhh!

Did get one cool pic of the new area though.

If you click for the larger picture, you’ll see like 17 or more squids! All in one spot. I’ve never seen so many at once.

**Online University graphic removed by request*

See you next time!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 4/1/12

Good morning/afternoon/evening! Welcome back!

Close up of my Jedi (couldn’t remember if I’d shared it before) Tarrah

And finally a close up of my Imperial Spy Larana. I find them both terribly beautiful, each in their own way. No?
On Balmorra with the Jedi.
Super cool moving 3D hologram of a weapons driod. If you click for the bigger version you can see labels that pop up around it describing systems and whatnot. So cool!

Some super deep elevator shafts at the Droid Factory.

The huge assembly line was way cool.

And what is a giant factory without giant energy couplings!

We were down here twice, second time we found this! Bwahahahaha! (Dang it! I misplaced the coordinates! To get to it though, you have to go to the floor with the assembly line. This one is at the super deep elevator shaft. Behind one of the conveyor belts, there’s a recess. You blink, you’ll miss it, hubby did. Hee! Had to call him back over.)

Floating dead guy. Heh heh. And he kept swinging his light stick like he was practicing baseball. 

A closeup of the datacron.
Now onto Tatooine with the spy.

Jawas doing what Jawas do best.
Starting Imperial town with their trusty Imperial robot guards keeping the streets safe from Republic interlopers. 😛

Took my close up pic from this one. Totally a coincidence the sidekick ended up the same race. lol. I got more bling.

Mos Ila Cantina.

Love the look of the gate area.

Interesting hallway of the medcenter

Love those houses.
Back on Balmorra we logged in to a surprise.

That’s a player dancing up there. No idea how he got there. But he was having a good time. lol.

Surprise datacron! In Bugtown there’s a locked chest on the middle of a split bridge. Found the key with the Junk Dealer vendor across the lake by the shuttle. Cost 5,000 credits but I decided to risk it and we were so glad I did. Since we were grouped, it allowed him to get it as well. Awesome!

Loved that Balmorra sky!

Hard to reach vantage point, but what a view!

Jealously guarded power coupling?

Dude was not doing very well holding in his lunch. Bleah!

Impressive bot, no?
Tatooine again! I was busy. lol.

Destroyed land cargo ship, still fresh.

Some nice Sand People art!
Now to Minecraft.
The guys have been busy! I finally got back to road building.

There’s a Skelleton riding a spider in here. The graphics got weird and riding was done in more than one way. o.O

The kids have changed the wall around the village. I think this looks way cool!

A friend of their has figured out how to make the blocks for a huge circle and it making a round high rise. Looking pretty cool! Haven’t checked out the obelisk nearby yet. Once I get a road over there though…
Wow, I didn’t take pics of my place. AGAIN! Argh! lol. Finally got all the stone replaced with the mossy stone brick. Looks so good!
That’s it for this week. Enjoy! 

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 3/25/12

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

On the Imperial Side….Nar Shaddaa

Ah the Imperials really do have such cool intimidating stations.

Safety always seems to be a problem. They always have all these open energy beams. People could get ideas, don’t you know.

I don’t remember if I’d run across this when I was here as a Jedi. But I loved how much this resembles the set ups in the red light districts in medieval Japan. Window shopping was quite the business.

Yes, more lovely carpeting!

A truly intimidating manufacturing area. Had been sealed for a 1,000 years but was going the whole time keeping anyone attempting to come in out. 

Yeah, some peeps didn’t make it.

This machine supposedly does EVERYTHING! The secret hidden by a Sith

A yes, the corpses of men and machines who’d previously tried to gain egress. Look at those guns! 


Do love that neon! Hee!

Vast! Vast!

He looks mean, doesn’t he?


Dead nasty.

My robotic disguise. This was fun. 

These lamps were just cool. 

NPCs busy at work. 

 An Ithorian! How rare!

Had to go back to Dromund Kaas to report. Must say I never did quite tell her Darkness that the man I brought back was dead.

I’m a little worried about this guy. Oozing darkness while meditating cannot be a good thing.

I NEVER get tired of looking at my Imp Spy ship! NEVER! Oooo! (Really need to remember to take pics during space combat. Argh!)

As I’d guessed, my spy has now been sent to Tatooine. I finally for my speeder! Woot! 

Now to the Republic side…still at Balmorra.

Nice droid weapon cannon. Back away slowly.

Republic scientist hard at work! 
Minecraft! And back to the original graphics as there was a major update and the texture pack peeps aren’t caught up.
This is my place! I’d spotted the location I wanted not long after the new world had been created, but hadn’t been able to find it again.

Naturally gutted (meaning it was created this way by the system) I’ve now totally encased it in glass for my own nefarious purposes. Like sleeping! Hah!

View down to the nice small lake beside the property from the highest point of my new home.

Creepers and spiders saying howdy.

From the inside. Found some bricks with moss that are PERFECT for this. Replaced the stone here with that and it looks marvelous! Of course I forgot to take a picture. Sigh. Can’t wait to see the look of it once the texture pack is updated! Squee!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 3/18/12

Let’s see how much virtual trouble I got into this week. 😛

Still on Balmorra on the Republic side at Bug Town.

The bugs main spawning spot. It was eerie, especially with the ooze coming down all the time.

That’s the queen guarding her kiddies. 

Back here, there’s a datacron behind the dude below. We figured there must be a back way to get to it, but got distracted and forgot to look once we got outside before going off world. 🙁

This dude looked super duper nasty, so we left him alone.

My Imp spy on Nad Shaddaa. I found these posters rather interesting. 

One of the less reputable areas. Still a ton of neon.

Camp site for a set of baddies inside. Loved the carpet!

Some weird scientific thingie. The floating doohikies looked like giant hemoglobin.

The Flame in all his alien glory.

Couldn’t remember ever taking a pic of these plants when I was here before, so here you go. 😛

I liked the overall feel of the set up here. They really came up with some truly interesting flooring.

Some NPCs looking way too serious.

Floating cantina.

Some more cool carpteting.

This central hub on the cantina floor just looked dangerous. Lightning bolts shooting all over the place. lol

Imperial advertising. I guess you can’t get away from car sales no matter what side you’re on. Hee!
Now for Minecraft

View while I was road building.

My wooden bridge across a lake. You can see one of the safe houses in the background. (I build those so peeps can have someplace safe to stop at when it’s night time. Not safe out there at night! Eek!

Creeper bidding his time while I am snug inside the safe house.

With the new Misa texture pack the village golems look way cool!

Some nasty spiders waiting to assault me as I try to get somewhere safe in time.

Finally got the moon shot over the kid’s castle. heh heh.

One of the skelly models for the texture pack. I really like the skeletal Robin Hood one. Hee! Oh and you can see my gravel road.

Sun rising from the top of the safe house. You can see the wooden bridge going off into the distance. 

Kids came up with their version of Japanese Torii gates for their place.

Daughter did creation mode and built herself a Stargate. Got the effect inside from water. Nice!

Yes, torches are a must have to live in Minecraft.

Hubby’s cathedral. He’s slowly replacing the stone with brick. The floor is made of obsidian which is super cool in this texture pack.

Waiting for daylight to go out and do more roads. Wheee!

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 3/11/12

Semi chaotic last few days, so let’s see what I can dig up for this week.

We’ll do Minecraft first (mostly because my brain is goo and I’m having a hard time remembering where te swtor folder is. Waaaahhhh!)

Cool wall from Drew made of sandstone and wooden steps. Now that steps will go in more than one direction, it really does open the possibilities!

Cow from the mushroom biodome. Yes, those are mushrooms growing on its back. Creepy, no?

Seems you can color a sheep’s wool while it is on the sheep and the sheep will always grow that color wool from then on. The kids have all sorts of colors going on.

And there are kittys now too! Seemingly will help keep creepers away. But they meow constantly. (Really weird having cats meowing at me from both the headset/speakers and around me in RL.

I find this so weird when it happens. 

Orange tabby!

My siamese! In the wild they look like cheetahs, but when you feed them fish and they love you, they randomly turn into a house cat variety. The cheetahs seem quite plentiful in the jungle biodomes.

The son-in-law found a realistic texture pack called Misa’s. Love what it does to the torches. From here on down it’s all this texture pack. As you can see the Siamese looks more like a real cat now.

No idea what that used to be or is now! lol

The sun is back to being round and the tree leaves are more prominent.

Love the look on the wooden doors!

Sun at sunset. Look at that corona.

The rising moon. You can see my road running off into the distance. Heh heh.
Ah, here are the few Star Wars pics I made. (John felt bad during the day, then I got sick last night so didn’t get to play but a few minutes. Waaaah! Weird weekend.)
Not 100% sure, but I believe that is the Balmorra space station. Weirdly enough, now that my spy finally left Balmorra and got sent to Nar Shaddaa, the opposite has happened to my Jedi! lol.

I do so love these 3D maps.

The poorest parts of Nar Shaddaa. Only got a peek.

That’s it for this week! Enjoy!

Virtual Tourist – SWTOR and Minecraft 3/4/12

And they say playing games isn’t good for you. Bwahahahahahahaha~!

In a weird coincidental turn, BOTH of my characters are now currently at Nar Shadda despite the fact they’re 11 levels apart. How’s that for a weird coincidence? 🙂
First part is from the imperial section.

Love all the holographic neon of this place. 

Lights so bright you almost can’t see the world above.

A nice imperial prison area.

We really do have some of the best uniforms. Heh heh.

Loved how expansive this area was and all the giant tubing for the world’s infrastructure.

Now to the higher level Republic side.

And we found another holocron! X 1954 Y 3272 Z -1951 And for the first time we got it! Nasty bugger. You have to find a way to a higher floor then take a teleporter into an incinerator room. Then run through the flames to the other side! Cunning +3. Woot!

Some nasty armaments.

Super boss at the back. With only two of us, we made sure to steer clear. Heh heh.

Love love love these holographic trees. And in this instance with real plants! lol.

Super cybernetic enhanced fighters in a glass jar, being made ready for combat. They didn’t like being woken up one bit! Hah!
Now for some Minecraft.

The guys have been very busy. Pbfubar has worked up a jungle estate. Jungles are new to the game and I must say pretty spiffy.

Keep expecting Ewoks to show. 😛

Totally awesome we can climb vines now.

Perelay has a wheat harvesting system for his fields.

Water washes everything down. Unfortunately, he hit both water levers and the lag was horrid. The pics for the rest of the process didn’t take. 

This is Perelay’s pumpkin and watermelon patch. He’s also got an automated system for harvesting this too. Piston rather than water based.

Pretty spiffy. Sadly everyone wants to show off what they’ve done since I was last on, which means my road building efforts suffer terribly each time. lol.

Virtual Tourist – SWTOR and Minecraft 2/26/12

Hubby’s back and I had no conventions so I figured we’d be doing some Rebel playing again, but life got in the way and only got a little time to play my spy. We also had the latest updates for Minecraft installed so I snapped some shots of that. Figured I’d give everyone a little variety. 🙂

Glowing green ooze that’s filled one entire valley due to all the fighting on Balmorra. (This planet’s upload song has also been my favorite. Fits my chara so well I think of it as her theme song. :P)

Dead bug in Bug Town. That place was like being in my own Starship Trooper’s movie without the heavy suits. They were everywhere!!! Mean suckers too.

Love the look of the wild flowers

Dead igua.

Sabotaged canon in mid explosion. 🙂
I’ve finally finished all I needed to do in Balmorra and the fifty tons of extra quests there. lol. I’ve left the planet. Wasn’t sure I’d ever get done. 😛

Minecraft pics. There was new stuff to see!

This is one of the randomly made villages the kids have decided to make their own. The villages now have Golems. My understanding is you get 1 for every 15 villagers. Occasionally one will have a flower and will give it to a village kid. (In-joke time!)

The new AIs for the villagers is still whacko though. That’s like 80 villagers all trying to cram into one little house and then suiciding off the roof. They also love to just open and close doors. It’s insane.

The golems get a little crazy too.

The kids new place. With the last two patches we lost all the stuff that had been built before so everyone is starting from scratch again. (And I’d just almost finished my house! Waaahhh!)
The new jungle areas. The trees look pretty cool.
Trying to chase down the locations for hubby and the kids, I ran across this funky peak with empty bottom. I may have found a possible place. Bwahahahaha.

I think hubby and Steve made that weird water hill.

Snow is so pretty here. Just weird when you’re being rained on, take a step, and it’s all snow.

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 2/19/12

Hubby was traveling and I’ve been doing cons back to back (Yay, ConDFW! Still there today! Come on by!), so only Imperial Spy stuff this time around too. Hopefully next week we’ll be back on our usual schedule and will have some of each. (I’m slowly catching up to our main charas – yay!)

I’m still on Balmorra. Unlike a lot of other worlds, this one still had a bunch of quests on unexplored parts of the planet. We’d run into one or two at other places, but this one had lots! (I’m still trying to finish them all!)

Tried to get an action shot of the cannon at one of the Imperial camps.

Different looking areas all over the place.


Inside an office are but it had a tank!

The skirs here are gorgeous. Always with an orange tint,

A fresher shipwreck. Not a happy planet, this one.

Desolate mountain peaks everywhere.

Igua! Aggro so this was as close as I could get. 

Some lovely flowers. What was funny is they were five to ten meters away from glowing pools of chemical waste. Heh.

That’s it this time out. Hope you’ve had an awesome weekend!

P.S. Since Zumaya Publications is having their Kindle Thriller Sale, my novel Vassal of El is still on for only $2.99! Just FYI! 😛

Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 2/12/12

Okay let’s see what I have for you this week…

Last few pics before we left Alderaan.

Wind power for the win! 🙂

Some non-aggressive life forms

So scenic, so calming. You wouldn’t know all the infighting going on from this view.

Nice rocky arch. 🙂
Next mission in the class quest sent me back to Tatooine. There’s just something about the sky here. Oh and the evil balloon too!
Never saw these cool cliff side dwellings the first time through this planet. Bad tourist!
Nar Shaddaa.
On my Imperial Spy side, got sent off to Nar Shaddaa. Now I am seeing this planet from the Imperial side. (Also came here before I was supposed to. Not sure how I got a quest to come here when I was supposed to head to Balmorra first! Like 3 levels too low for this place. Though I was making a dent before I realized I should be there. heh heh. (It was the harvesting that was the hint. I couldn’t scavenge anything. And that was just WRONG. :P)
The imperial side has a few things the Republic side doesn’t. So even though it is the same planet, you get some different eye candy.
The backside of my ship. She’s so CUTE!!!! 
This is my first look at Balmorra. Coolest energy shield covers the war stricken city.
Giant energy weapons everywhere.
This gigantic thing you’d expect to see at a stadium is actually in a cantina. Can’t tell if it’s the menu or something else. Bet they do a great sports watching day! Heh.
Some of the local beasties.
One of those round plasma guns. Cool!
Non-aggressive bugger but he’s funky looking!
This little factory machine was going a little haywire. Frying bots left and right. Not a pretty sight. 
Close up view of one of the guns. Big sucker.