Movie of the Week – King Kong

Have been eagerly awaiting this release once I saw the previews, but then almost got cold feet as they started the mega hype campaign (normally a bad sign). Went to see it Friday, trying to keep an open mind, and was thrilled to find it to be all I had hoped for and more.

CGI and special effects were outstanding overall. Kong himself was MARVELLOUS! Not only did they study gorilla form and behavior, which is obvious, but the big ape himself is oozing with personality.

Kong does not appear for the first 115 minutes, but that was fine by me as it gave plenty of time for us to meet and become acquainted with everyone else embroiled in the story. There are many wonderful characters, from the manic director, the ego filled actor (who much to my surprise was the lead from Early Edition – yay!), the playwright, the actress, the captain, his first mate, and the stowaway turned crew.

The island was creepy, the islanders even more so. Lots of jungle and creatures and icky bugs and more. Tons of action! And even a love triangle, which was lovely to watch as in several parts the ape and the playwright mirrored the same emotions toward Ann.

The recreations of New York in the 30’s was very impressive, and loved the in-joke about Fay Raye currently being busy doing a movie for RKO. (For those who might not be familiar with King Kong, Fay Raye (sp?) was the girl in the original black and white King Kong.

Absolutely a must see! Whether you’ve ever seen a King Kong film or not, this is very mcuh worthwhile. Impressive piece of work. ****!!!

Movie of the Week – Narnia

Based on the beloved books, Hollywood brings us Narnia – The Lion, the Witch, and the Warddrove. Quite a nice film and from what I can recall (having read the book a long time ago) pretty faithful to the original work. Same awesome CGI work, especially on Aslan and Mr Thomas. Doesn’t beat Harry Potter or LOTR, but still worth seeing, and definitely a great way to introduce a new generation to these great children’s books. ***

Small Christmas Miracle – Christmas Cards are ready!

Bwahahahaha there’s been a small Christmas miracle – I actually have gotten my Christmas cards ready this year! Of course, I still need to get them to the post office, so all bets are off, but I have come much closer than last year. Last year time just seemed to evaporate and I got no cards done at all. Been feeling guilty about it all year and so I strived to do better this year. And, yes, I’ve done it! It may not seem to be a big thing to most, but with all the stuff going on, work, promo, family, etc it is a nice litttle accomplishement. Heh.

Happy Holidays to all!

Movie of the Week – Pride and Prejudice

Wonderful movie!!!! ****!!!
Truly enjoyed it. All the actors in the film were marvellous. The two principals should win oscars for their performances. And the director should as well. The choreography on several scenes was amazing, and I don’t mean the dancing, which was way fun, but how people would glide in and through scenes and barely miss each other amongst crowds of people, it was phenomenal!
Loved the glimpses into daily life flashed for us so we got a more rounded feel for life for these people. A great movie! (Take hankies!)
Very higly recommend it!

Movie of the Week – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Been looking forward to this one!
If you’ve read the book recently, you may be dissapointed. But only because of how much material they could not get into the movie. The book, which was about twice as thick as the others, had many storylines and info, and I knew when I read it several years ago a lot would have to go. Still, they tried very hard to keep the important facts or to sneak in in abbreviated version a lot of info. So I was quite happy. Loved the visuals for the Quidditch match and the actual field.

Was very surprised, however, to see that Hogwarts itself had changed. The school inside and out was different. After getting pretty much the same layout and look for 3 other films, it was rather a shock. Guess it will probably happen again in forthcoming films.

Overall though, I truly enjoyed it! Growth can be seen in both the characters and the actors. Harry and his friends are defiinitely getting older and you can see it by their conversations. Snape didn’t get much air time but what he did have was utterly precious and milked to the max! And Moody was wonderful! Loved the film! ****!

Movie of the Week – Zathura

Now here was a pleasant surprise!
Had not gotten too worked up over the film not sure how they could work this up, but they did a great job. Beginning sequence gives you a feel of the old black and white Sci-Fi movies and stories. The beginning is a little slow as they try to set up the current emotional logistics between the children, and also the parent and older sibling. Once the fun starts though, watch out!
Awesome special effects and a lot of funny bits. Even a surprise or two.
Loads of fun! ***1/2

Movie of the Week – Chicken Little

Well, I had very high hopes for this movie – though once I started seeing all the hype and it being called “The Best Comedy of the Year” I made sure to downgrade my expectations.

It is a very cute film, some way cool effects, even a message! But it wasn’t as funny as it could be. Worth seeing, but did not beat Madagascar, Ice Age, or The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. ***

Hunger Site

I’ve been going to this site for years and clicking on the buttons as well as the associated non-profit organizations on the other tabs. For a few seconds of my time, each day, I’ve done a little thing that might turn out to mean big things to other people.

In this current time of strife and trouble, it’s good to know there are still ways to make a difference. While it is not a big thing, and a lot more can be done, it is something. A way to enable you and me to go out there and do something for others on a consistent basis.

Of course if you have more time or even money to give, by all means do so! But here is a simple way to contribute just a little toward your fellow man, fellow creatures, and planet. Why not go there and give as click? 🙂

Movie of the Week – DOOM

Based on the popular first person shooter game, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. But, having seen the previews and the fact they stuck in there scenes that put you in the same first person mode you get in the game, I had to check it out.

I was very glad I did! The movie was actually pretty good! Had likeable characters, good fx, wasn’t a scare fest, and best of all, had a plausible plot! Whoohoo!

The camera also did some incredible work on facial closeups. Plus the 5 minutes or so the movie goes into first person shooter mode was done at the perfect spot for it. Even better, it was funny! Hilarious scenes at a couple of spots as the shooter guns down the baddies.

A very nice homeage film! ***1/2!!

Musical – Wicked

At least once a year, I go with a friend to a musical. This years big musical was Wicked. Wicked is based on a book which takes an alternative view to the actual facts that worked events up to where you see them in the Wizard of OZ. (So I would not suggest you take young children to this only because it will change the way the look at the movie forever.)

The actresses and actors were totally awesome! The music score is pretty catchy as well. Totally adored the mechanized dragon they put at the top of the stage opening. Also the way they created magic effects, while simple, were very effective. Top of form were the two ladies playing Glenda and the Wicked Witch. They were marvellous! And Glenda has never been more blonde! lol.

The only thing I was not happy with was the piece of the plot that sets the Wicked Witch on her path (She’s not Wicked it’s just the PR portraying her that way). Supposedly the animals, which here talk and are as intelligent as the humans, are regressing. Their ability for speech stripped away. Yet aside from the weather witch, no one else seems to have powers, therefore how were the animals being stripped of theirs? While they point to OZ and his groupies being the culprits, it is never explained how they managed it since they don’t have magic (another reason Elthaba was going to be used, because she did have some.) But aside from this, they did try hard to make other things plausible and fit it to the time line of the original Wizard of OZ.

So overall, it was definitely worth seeing. If you get a chance. Check it out!