Mind Sieve 10/26/15

Another Monday is upon us!

Fan Fun

Jessica Jones Official Trailer – damn, this is going to be a dark one! Eek!
Star Wars: the Force Awakens Official Trailer – okay… looks awesome, but I am also confused. How much of cannon has been changed? Eek!
LIFE Official Trailer – Interesting!

Social Media/Author Platform

How to Get More Out of Google+ With Circles by Kristi Hines at the Social Media Examiner.

Instagram Images: How to Stand Out on Instagram by Michael Stelzner at the Social Media Examiner. Podcast with Peg Fitzpatrick but a lot of the info is on the blog post as well. 🙂

Writing Advice

Three Reasons Your Writing Writing Career is Stuck by Kristen Lamb – more writerly truths!

Writing Diversity: How Can We Avoid Issues? by Jami Gold.

May your week be fruitful!

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 10/25/15

Gack, running late. Typical, no? Boo!

Final Fantasy XIV
Main Storyline
New Gridania

Battle at the sacred tree. 

These guys are doing the destroying but are not the actual instigators of the trouble. Bad tempered though. Heh heh

I’ve come with the rangers to stop them.

Now this guy is the one behind the current troubles.

And he really wants to win.

The mysterious duo shows up once more to help.

Later, I speak with the leader of Gridania

Lots of things to learn. And she’s chosen me for a role in an upcoming celebration.

Oooh! Hope I will be able to make stuff like that some day!

People getting together.

I’m wearing a ceremonial mask representing those who helped during the calamity years ago.

Which in turn…

Unexpectedly gives me visions of the past and the disaster from before.

Things are very grim.

The leaders of the battle to defend the planet.

Dude on the bad side. 

After the vision, went to meet the leader again in a special garden. So pretty! 

Isn’t that neat? She realizes more trouble is coming and wants me to deliver messages to the other two leaders.

Cure little guy right in the middle. Awwww.

And off I go!

Picture Kaleidoscope 10/21/15 – FanDays Editions

While I missed about half of FanDays due to work, I still made it in time to get a few pics. Yay!

My daughter had not made one of these triple layer flowers in forever. Someone saw it on the banner and asked for one. I think they are super cool!

Look at the awesome detail on her headdress. Fascinating!

Her weaponry and the buddy with her also had it going on!

Hawkwoman! Lots of nice detial.

See what I mean? Came out great!

The armor looks awesome!

Master Splinter and Raphael! Master Splinter is in the original comic style. Poor thing.

Talking of originals – here’s the Penguin! Qack qack qack. (He looked awesome!)

A young Poison Ivy was hanging around too. Her necklace is super cool!

Pic my daughter sent me that Friday. She had my back while I was slaving at the day job. My bro came too, so he had her back. 🙂

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Mind Sieve 10/19/15

Ugh. Morning… 😛 Between all the OT at work and having a show at the same time this weekend, life has been more than full. So a quick post Monday it is!

Back to the Future 4 Trailer – Whhhaaaaaaaa????

May your week be fabulous!

Mind Sieve 10/12/15


Fan Fun

New Trailer for The Sherlock Special – getting weird weird vibes from this. Should be fun though!
Hail, Caesar! Official Trailer – this looks all kinds of Awesome! Just the production value and in-jokes on old Hollywood films I spotted will make ti worthwhile. heh heh
Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies Official UK Trailer #1 – while the book took things too far (heart ripping ninjas – really?) the film looks like it will be some definite fun. Sweet!

Social Media/Author Platform

All LinkedIn Groups Becoming Private: This Week in Social Media by Lisa D. Jenkins at the Social Media Examiner.

4 Ways to Improve Engagement With Hashtags by Dylan Kissane at the Social Media Examiner.

Writing Advice

Making Story MAGIC—How To Bring the Elements All Together by Becca Puglisi.

Developing Our Story: From Beat Sheet to Scene List by Jami Gold. Lots of food for thought. 🙂

May your week be calmer than mine is going to be. 😛

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 10/11/15

I was going to give you all a break and put up another game’s pics then changed my mind. Heh heh heh. I’ll switch it up next week…? 😛

Final Fantasy XIV
Player Housing Zone

Took a boat to the fields where Adventurers and Free Companies (guilds) can buy housing. Here’s a fountain and lawn prop we saw there

Don’t know much about how the system works but isn’t the Sakura tree gorgeous?

Randomly went into a couple of homes. Look at the awesome bookshelves!

Such cool and weird stuff!

Hot tub anyone?

View from the street

Another home front


That’s slightly disturbing. lol. 
New Gridania

Adventurer’s Guild Head and mother influence. 🙂

About to embark to another city. Latest armor. 🙂

Nice suit of armor dude!

Head of the Archery Guild. 

Is this a gorgeous field or what?

Hope you’re weekend has been fab!

Mind Sieve 10/5/15

Happy Monday!
(or is that an oxymoron?) 😛

Fan Fun

Found these guys by accident. They have a Kickstarter for the game called “Essence” – looks fab! Here’s a peek. Hope they make it!
The Revenant Official Trailer – looks rough~! People are gonna pay! Heh heh
A Christmas Horror Story Trailer – LOL! Santa and his bro in mortal combat! lol. 
Pay the Ghost Official Trailer #1 – guess that time of year is coming!

Social Media/Author Platform

Branding and the Brain—What We Post On-Line Matters by Kristen Lamb.

How to Manage Your Facebook Page Effectively by Kristi Hines at the Social Media Examiner.

Writing Advice

The Risks of Offering a Freebie by Jami Gold. Some great insight on why and why not to offer free stuff as an author.

Why Editing (By an Editor Who Isn’t You) Matters by John Adamus at Terribleminds.com. Great info peeps!

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 10/4/15

Morning all!

Final Fantasy XIV

Old Gridania
Lancer Guild

This guy has different views on how Lancers should be. He might just become my characters future boyfriend. If he doesn’t get me killed. lol.

That’s my sensei in the background. First met the rival when he came to challenge everyone in the dojo. My master would not rise to his taunts. Heh heh
Central Shroud

Riding my first Chocobo! Woot! What’s truly hilarious is they play a Bonanza like song when you ride the Chocobo from station to station. Hee!

Some Aardvark like creatures that have been causing trouble. Nifty little tents!

Though the local tents are also cool. And new armor!

Hah! A closeup!

Hubby is staring up at the Mail station. The mail guy looks so cute! 

Pet Caster’s pet. Cutest things ever!

I so love all the lovely detail!

Wharf area at night

Some mound burial crypts out in the Shroud zone. 

Inside one of them. Before we got mauled. Heh heh

Our first view of the Adventurer’s housing area. Really cool. And so expensive! Gack!

Have a super Sunday!

Virtual Tourists – Final Fantasy XIV 9/27/15

Fencon has been a ton of fun so far. Trying to get this done before we go back for the last day. 🙂

Final Fantasy XIV
New/Old Gridania
Main Storyline



Crystal Shards full of life and power

Big sucker!

Recurring character – she and her partner show up all sorts of places. 🙂

He screams slime! (I should run out of pics with the UI in them soon?)

I do love the buildings!

One of the pets for pet masters and look at the cute fairy!

Night time.

I think my finger wasn’t fast enough here?

More trouble

See, here they are again to help me out or give info. 😛

This is my Inn Room! Nice, no? 

Fountain to the side.

Lovely desk and windows!

The door

Main lobby of the Adventurer’s guild

Love the stained glass!

Gorgeous, no?

So pretty!

Have an awesome Sunday!

FenCon Schedule for 9/25-9/27/15


This weekend I’ll be at Fencon!


Where: New Hotel this year! Being held at The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport

When: September 25-27, 2015

ChibiChains and I will be in the Dealer’s Room.

Below is my schedule for the weekend!

Rebels vs. Big Damn Heroes:
Without question, Firefly/Serenity fans and Star Wars devotees are two of most passionate groups in fandom. From the ongoing charity work of the Browncoats and the 501st/Rebel Legion alike, fans have taken these two massive science fiction franchises far beyond the screen. How can two such different ideas strike the same chords in so many fans? Join us as we compare and contrast!
Friday  12:00 PM  Chinaberry

What will I share with anyone brave enough to show up? You’ll have to wait and see. Bwahahahaha
Friday  2:30 PM  Pecan

Yard Dog Press Road Show (If I am alive that late.) 😛
Those wild folks from Yard Dog once again explain to you what you’re missing with a show…well it’s kind of a…um, you’re just going to have to go see it!
Friday  10:00 PM  Red Oak

FenCon Squares (Last Minute Addition!)
It’s the classic game show Hollywood Squares with a FenCon twist! Join us for an hour of fun and games as our panel of guests try to help (or bluff) our contestants. We even have a “Secret Square” in each game! Come check it out. You might win a prize!
Saturday 10:00 AM

Monsters from the ID: Forbidden Planet and its Lasting Impact
It was the first big budget SF movie, and it remains popular among fans. It influenced everything from Star Trek to Babylon 5. We’ll discuss the themes, imagery, and legacy of this pivotal classic.
Saturday  1:00 PM  Trinity V

Boon or Bane? Disruptive Technologies of the Future
For good or ill, the internet and mobile technologies have radically transformed how we live and work in just a few short years. How will new technologies like next generation genomics, 3D printing, autonomous robotics, advanced materials, and more affect us in the near future?
Saturday  2:00 PM  Trinity VII

Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Discussion
What are the top 10 must-see sci-fi movies (i.e., the movies every sci-fi fan needs to see)? Panelists and audience members propose movies and discuss why that movie should be considered.
Saturday  3:00 PM  Trinity VII

The Revolution Will Be Printed In 3D
A few years ago a 3D printer was an almost mythical device that only large corporations had. Now you can buy them at office supply stores. From bio-printing to complex multi-material printers, how will this amazing new technology transform the way we work and live?
Sunday  1:00 PM  Trinity VI

I think I’m going to be a little busy this weekend! lol!

Hope to see you there!