Mind Sieve 4/15/13

Allergies are finally ganging up on me. Body is losing the fight…nooooo!
Let’s see how far I get.

A Song About Someone by Charlie. Young love…so cute!
“Scream and Shout” as Les Miserables “Dream And Shout” a parody from will.i.am. Rather cute and rather snazzy!
Ran across this by accident and sounded too weird not to check out. lol. Space Janitors Ep 1.
Da Vinci’s Demons – new show on Starz this past weekend. We liked it!
Now You See Me Official Trailer 2 – should be a ton of fun!
Elysium Official Trailer – SF for the win!

How To Use The New Pinterest: What Marketers Need To Know from the Social Media Examiner. Nice, comprehensive, and detailed instructions! Yay!

4 Ways Google + Communities Help Authors Build Their Platforms – guest post by Marcy Kennedy at Gene Lempp’s Blog.

Guest post by Robert Brockway over at TerribleMinds aka Chuck (Still NSFW) Wedig’s blog – Writing Is The Easy Part. He’s so not kidding…And actually writing a good novel is already hard! Oi!

Authors of the Digital Age – What It Takes To Be a Real Author CEO from Kristen Lamb. More truths and reality checks! Huzzah!

For even more sources of posts on all sorts of topics helpful to authors and more – see Gene Lempp’s Writing Resources 13 April 2013 post.

Sweet! I was able to make it! Have an awesome week, everyone!

Mind Sieve 4/1/13

Morning All!

Planes Teaser 1 (Different from the one released at theaters!) It’s so Top Gun. Hee!
This is old but I’d not seen it before. A Despicable Me Mini Movie – a minion work intro video. Hee! So cute!

The Wolverine 2013 trailer. They’re doing the Japan back story – woot! I am so totally there. 🙂
If you didn’t catch it Saturday, here’s the opening scene of Orphan Black. (Haven’t watched it yet myself. On the DVR though!)
White House Down Trailer 1 – must be the year to destroy Washington DC. lol. 
EPIC Trailer 2 – I am so there!
Okay, I wasn’t going to put in any more then ran across this one… HAD TO SHARE! Despicable Me – The Home Makeover. ROFL

Successful Author Presence – Do You Have It? From Kristen Lamb. Great post!

Amazon Buys Goodreads: The Hidden Impact On An Author’s Book Sales by Johnathan Gunson. Some food for thought!

For a ton more compiled writing and social media blog posts, check out Gene Lempp’s mashup for 3/30/13. (That’s a lot of reading! Oi!)

Have a fabulous week!

Mind Sieve 3/25/13

Spring is here! (Sinuses, run for cover!)

BBC One New Dr Who Trailer – can’t wait!
Game of Thrones and Princess Bride mash-up. Too cute! lol. (Promo for GOT Season 3)
Trance Official Trailer 3 – looks mental. Cool.
Turbo Official Trailer – this looks awesome! lol. Irradiated by speed. Hee!

29 Tools To Enhance Your Business Blog by Cindy King at Social Media Examiner. So many plugins, so little time!

What Should an Author Website Include? by Jami Gold.

Phew! Another blog post done! Enjoy!

Mind Sieve 2/25/13

Back to normal! Woot!
Did you miss me? Heh.

Feed Me from Simon’s Cat – The ending just about killed me. lol. My cats are way more patient. Heh heh

Homemade Preview for Star Trek’s Into Darkness. What’s really weird is the longer you watch it, the more you fall for it. Weird! 
It’s even freakier when they do a side by side comparison! lol.

Tor.com has a fun blog post about Nathan Fillion and taking Valentine requests on Twitter. Too cute!

Fast And Furious 6 – dang! Everyone is ramping up the explosives! lol.
The Big Wedding – looks cute!

E-Publicity: Notes on My E-Séance With Grace Wright (Part 1 Twitter) from the In Retrospect Blog.

Facebook Graph Search Review: How It Works by Chris Treadaway at the Social Media Examiner.

Woot! Back in the swing of thing. Yeah!


Psst! You there. Yeah you! The one reading this blog. Answer me this…how do you do it? How do you find the time to go trolling around and read this stuff? Tell me, please! I really need to know! I can barely scrape the time to do an entry, and yet you somehow found time to be reading it!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I REALLY appreciate you being here. Honest! I just don’t have the faintest idea how you’re able to do it. Share your SECRET! Pretty please?

I bet by now you’re wondering why, if I have so little time, do I even do a blog? Necessity, kind reader, purely for necessity! As an author, I am more obligated than ever to market myself as well as my works. With business being what it is anymore, all marketing efforts are on the shoulders of the authors instead of on the publisher. Only the big names get a marketing budget and possibly professionals to do it for them. Little fishes like me are on our own!

With the World Wide Web, marketing possibilities have widened. But you can stretch yourself really thin that way, because there are just too many to pursue! A website is a must, gotta have it, no choice. A little changing content like news and whatnot is good too, so people have a reason to keep coming back. (Sample chapters are a must as well, so people can get a feel for your writing. If you can pitch in a free short story or too, even better!) Blogs allow for continuous new content, if you can get into the discipline of doing it at least a few times a month or more. I won’t even get into the tons of groups in places like Yahoo, Yahoo 360, Ning, Beepo, Frapper, My Space, Live Journal, etc that are out there on the net where you can post info, links, blogs, forums, and who knows what not. Then you have your marketing groups, specific genre marketing groups, publisher marketing groups, newsletters, online interviews, guest blogging, the list is endless!

So maybe now you can see why I am asking how you find the time to read this! I need your Secret! I know I don’t have any time to go read posts what with trying to do all this stuff, go to work, keep the family and pets happy, carve a little time for myself (Writers need relaxation too!), and heck, make time to WRITE! lol.

So if you would, take pity on me and tell me how to do it! Even better, if you have a formula by which I can either redo time, replicate myself, or get the powers of Superman, do share! I’ll appreciate you forever!:P

Being an author is not the cakewalk people think it is! Eek!

P.S. If you still have time, come on over to the site. I have tons of sample chapters and some free reads too! 😛

To Outline or Not to Outline

This is a question that seems to come up all the time at panels and in general writing discussions. There are people on both sides of the camp and never a lot of agreement as to what to do.

To me though, Writing, like art, is one of those things were you can take lessons, read books, practice techniques, but in the end, you have to find the way to do it that feels the most comfortable to YOU. No one formula will work for everyone, no matter how much you try to force it. And sadly a lot of the classes out there try to fit the square peg into a round hole, even though it’s not necessary.

Asking whether you should outline or not is like asking if you should write in the mornings or in the afternoons. Do whichever one feels right for you. If you have no idea, try each of them out and see which one gives you the best results.

If you’re the type of person who likes to have a road map before beginning on a journey, outline. If you are more of a drive by the seat of your pants type of person, no outline.

Now for me, as with a lot of things having to do with writing, it all depends on the project! I’ve written stories and books with and without outlines. To me outlining is a tool. So if I need it I use it, if I don’t I don’t.

In the Service of Samurai was done without an outline. Vassal of El has certain scenes I knew I wanted, but pretty much was also done outline free. Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles, however, which came partially from the wellspring that is my hubby, was almost totally mapped out in outline form before I ever started. Willing Sacrifice, no outline – though in a way, since it was one sided when first written, then Dal’s side added in afterward, there might be some argument there. Jewel of the Gods, my current Work-in-progress, started out outline free, but I found myself getting mired in details and loosing my way, so out came the paper and so far a partial outline has been jotted down so I know what I need to do and explain where so I can keep on course.

Outlines can also be useful when you’re stuck. You can get so involved in trying to get that right feeling, or description, or turn of phrase that you can’t think clearly about what needs to come next. Best thing to do then is to take a step back and outline. Because it is brief and you don’t have to worry about grammar, syntax, etc, it’s just the bare bones after all, your brain is then free to focus and think about only the plot instead!

So if you want a map, outline right off the bat. If you feel you have it all upstairs or just want to meander through it, go for it! The important part is to be productive and write! So do whatever works for you. Just don’t forget if things go a little off kilter or slow, you can always use an outline as something to get your juices flowing in the right direction again.

Gloria Oliver
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