Staring: Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, David Zayas, Donald Faison, Brittany Daniel, Crystal Reed, and more.

Premise: While in LA to celebrate the birthday of a friend, Jarrod and Elaine become witnesses to an alien invasion.

Review: The special effects and imagery for this film were awesome. It had many stunning visual moments. As the principals, Eric Balfour (SyFy’s Haven) and Scottie Thompson (Dinozzo’s one true love in NCIS) did a great job as did the rest of the cast. On the most part, their reactions were believable for the amazing circumstances they find themselves in.

Where the movie had issues was with the story and presentation of events. First they fell to the cliched ‘Let’s give the audience a taste then slam them back hours/days before the event’. recently it seems movie and TV peeps don’t think the audience has the patience for a story to get started at the beginning. ‘Walking Dead’ premiered a few weeks ago using the same gimmick. Personally, I think it’s a crutch and overused. But that’s just me.

The aliens and their odd tech was fascinating. Loved that they sneaked in to take a sampling of humans to test them and see if their nervous systems and brains would work for what they had in mind. The characters have no science backgrounds, so the audience is left to its own devices to figure out why things seem to work as they do. All the hints are visual cues. And for the most part worked great.

The physical changes to humans when they saw the light was also great. Good visual cues too for when Jarrod grew a slight resistance to it. The whole concept of the light worked beautifully for me.

Where they truly seemed to lose it was at the end of the film. Either they should have stopped at the spot it originally seemed to – we can live with the bad guys totally winning every once in a while, right? Or they should have tacked on another ten minutes to the five minutes they added to what felt like the ending spot. (I actually liked where the extra five minutes took us – giving us hope and inside the ship- but they didn’t take it far enough.) As it was, the extra minutes made the end awkward. Worse, they did just a little more with figurines during the credits and if you weren’t looking at it, you’d miss it. Made it feel like they’d run out of budget or something and just tacked on what they could. Did not do themselves any favors here.

Rating: Acting/Special Effects 4 out of 5. Script/implementation 3 out of 5. As hubby likes to say, probably better on cable. πŸ™