Greetings all!
Head cold is slowly improving, though the 12 hour days at work are not helping. Did detox Thursday before going to bed, so I have pics! πŸ™‚

Angry Birds Star Wars

130103 1
Hoth is the next series of puzzles. Some nice intro pics for the new set.

130103 2
Pink for Leia…really? Really? (Her weird moan is err annoying too. Wah!)
130103 5
She has a tractor beam like power. Weird to use but can have a devastating when used correctly.

130103 4
Love the spy driods! And look at their snow helmets. So cute!

130103 3

130103 6
Yes, there are At-At. They shoot but don’t walk. However, you can get them to collapse!

130103 7
3rd Bonus Puzzle with exploding 3CPO. Heh
130103 8
Opened up a few more characters on the sheet. πŸ™‚


D130103 1
View from up high inside Campbell’s building. Those giant lamps are perfect for going down the hallway unseen.

D130103 2
Campbell’s hidden love nest and treasure storage. 1st time I had a heck of a time finding it. (There’s a magic bone piece in here, so I could see it with the Heart but not get at it. They really make you work for some of these!) πŸ˜› 

D130103 3
Making my way through the kennels. Those dogs are mean!

D130103 4
Had to take a pic of the spiderweb up there. So delicate and it swayed softly in the breeze too. Such a neat little touch.

D130103 5
Full front view of Campbell’s building.

D130103 6
This little backpack gadget is an anti-magic device. Seemingly the researcher is using music waves to cancel out magic energy. I turned it on and got really woozy. So it looks like the guy is onto something. Eek!

D130103 7
Overhear view of the area close to the docks. Some of the skylights are breakable, so I’ve been sneaking into buildings all over the place. Bwahahaha! 

D130103 8
The rain is mucking up the pic a bit, but it was such a nice view of the moon and the night’s sky.

D130103 9
A really weird looking whaler ship. The poor whale is saddled up on top. I believe one of the documents I read during my journeys mentioned that they keep them alive even while they skin the poor things. 

Looks like that’s all the damage I will be causing today. Hope you’re having a great weekend!